Is the HPV vaccine safe?

Hello, I am a 15 year old male and going to the doctor for the yearly physical, and I think that my doctor will want to give the Gardasil vaccine, at least she said that last year. I read that it is useless and dangerous, so why do I need to get it? Is it really effective or are they just pointlessly going to stick those big ol needles in me.

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  • 7 years ago
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    Do not get the Gardasil vaccine. It is useless and very expensive. Just read the Gardasil Package Insert from Merck ( ). It states "Human beings develop a humoral immune response to the vaccine, although the exact mechanism of protection is unknown."

    Merck doesn't know how Gardasil protects against HPV infection. Humoral immune response is antibodies in our blood.

    HPV are the most common infection in people. HPV infects skin, not blood.

    It is not transmitted to the skin through the blood either.

    Remember that Gardasil stimulates HUMORAL immunity, useless against HPV infections.

    The part of our immune sytem that fights tissue infections, like HPV, is called Cellular Immunity. That is the same part of our immunity that attacks cervical cancer.

    HPV infections are routinely handled by our immune system... ALL HPV infections. If anyone has a chronic HPV infection they have a problem with their cellular immunity (also called Cell Mediated Immunity). It is no surprise that, in addition to HPV, co-factors that are NECESSARY for cervical cancer to appear. They are smoking, oral contraceptives or another chronic genital infection. These co-factors either impair cellular immunity or are evidence cellular immunity is impaired.

    Gardasil and Cervarix are the largest drug industry scams ever perpetrated on mankind, eclipsing even the Vioxx scandal where Merck personnel knowingly marketed the killer drug with fradulent studies by Michael Weinblatt (Brigham's and Women's Hospital), a fake peer reviewed journal from worldwide publisher Elsevier & studies supported by fraudulent safety conclusions & death/injury data given to the FDA & journals like New England Journal of Medicine.

    Gardasil was promoted in much the same way as Vioxx... while the Vioxx scandal was breaking!!! The Lancet estimated over 45,000 dead in the USA alone (many more injured by Vioxx-caused cardiac events). Merck engaged in liberal bribing of legislators (i.e. Govs Perry & Kaine), doctors (Alise Reicin, Elizabeth Garner [Brigham & Women's Hospital again], others), political organizations (Women in Government, & more), reporters (most notably Margaret Warner and Jeffrey Brown of PBS' Jim Lehrer;s News Hour, many others), federal government officials (CDC head Julie Gerberding whose ACIP recommended Gardasil & Gerberding becoming Merck's Vaccine Division President, many others) & the Nobel-Prize-awarding world famous Karolinska Institute (bought with donations from Merck Glaxo & Astrazeneca, the three companies profiting from HPV vaccines).

    If only 3% of the world's population is vaccinated with HPV vaccines the cost for just the vaccine will be at least $60 BILLION!!!! Most of that will come from government coffers or insurance companies health care dollars. For a useless vaccine.

    Do not get the vaccine. In addition to the cost for absolutely no benefit, there are side effects you put yourself at risk for.

    Studies stating HPV is not sufficient to cause cervical cancer - - "Pathogenic infections are necessary but are not sufficient for cancer initiation or progression. Cancer initiation may require additional cofactors, including secondary infections"

    There are MANY others.

    Source(s): Merck's Gardasil Package Insert -
  • 7 years ago

    ALL vaccines are inherently unsafe and do nothing to promote health. Gardasil has been proven to be downright dangerous, at the end of the day if I turned up at your house and said I was going to inject you with mercury, aluminium, MSG, and Formaldehyde amongst other things you would have called the cops! A guy in a white coat can seemingly get away with it and get a pat on the back to boot. Avoid all vaccines and look after your diet and make sure you get plenty of sunshine and Vit D during winter months. It's as simple as that.

  • 7 years ago

    Essentially, yes. It's just another profit driven scam that unfortunately causes many adverse health effects. Some say vaccines have been intentionally contaminated to help reduce the population (population control) If this is true or not I don't know, but I wouldn't be surprised.

    Please do yourself a favor and avoid it. I have nothing to gain by advising you to not take it, but a doctor has many monetary benefits if he can get you to take it. Who do you think in this scenario, has your best interest in mind? Conflict of interest runs rampant in the mainstream medical industry, which has lead to insane levels of corruption. Something to think about.

    Read sites like for REAL tips and articles on vibrant health and well being. and will teach you how to identify and avoid toxic genetically modified food (If you're not already doing so)

    I'd also recommend watching videos from Dr. Gerhauser if you wish to learn many great health tips from who I consider one of the best doctors in the world - one that doesn't blindly follow the textbooks that are written by the big drug companies - drugs of which cause much more harm than good.

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