Should I feel concerned my boyfriend carries a knife with him everywhere?

He's a sweet guy and he never threatens me. He respects me and all but I just don't like that he has a pocket knife everywhere we go. He takes it off and leaves it in the car if he isn't allowed to have it somehwere but I just can't escape the fact that knives kill people. He even has a collection of over 20 knives.

Should I be concerned that he has some sort of self preservation problem that he thinks people are out to get him? I mean you don't need over 20 knives. He says it's just a tool but how many tools do you need?


@penny, I see your point. You and Clause.

No, he is not violent. In fact, he loves kids and animals and he sponsors a child in South America. It's just the knives I have a problem with is all.

Update 2:

He keeps them in a display case in his room.

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    I think you're blowing this all out of proportion.

    Since you say he hasn't shown any aggressive behavior towards you and you say that he uses them as a tool, you have no need to worry. Knives do not kill people, people kill people. That is why you avoid people who do bad things or you suspect do bad things. If you feel you have nothing to worry about him, then you have nothing to worry about his knife.

    A knife is indeed a tool. I use knives everyday at my job and around the house. Since the dawn of man the knife has been one of humankinds most reliable tools. We have used it for hunting, food prep, cutting string/rope/chord, modification of objects and the list goes on. Killing is only one use. You have a car. You can kill a lot of people with that car. I can ram my car into a group of school children when I commute to work tomorrow. But I choose not to because I am a rational human being.

    A collection of 20? Pft I have a collection of 50 knives, each of a high quality and sharper than a razor.

    You have nothing to worry about if your only concern is the knife and not him. If you must, talk to him about it. You are his girl after all, and you should tell him when you don't feel right about something. Just tell him how you feel.


    You can't be serious. "Lose the knife collection or lose you."

    Unless he is putting the collection above her in priority, you honestly cannot say that. In fact, saying that is part of an unhealthy relationship. You DO NOT tell people to simply give things up all because you don't believe in it. You compromise. That is terrible advice.

  • Knives don't kill people, first of all.

    My boyfriend and I have 5 or 6 knives between us (right now, anyway). I just love knives. I love the different colors and designs and styles you can get.

    That doesn't mean we are going to go stab someone. You have no reason to be concerned unless your boyfriend is aggressive (to animals, for instance; that's usually how it starts), threatens you, or makes tasteless jokes about murder and death.

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    Carrying a pocketknife to most places? Normal. Having a huge knife collection? Sketch but could be normal

    Go with your gut. Put the knife thing aside and ask yourself if anything else seems off about him. If so, get the hell out!!! Your vibe isn't lying to you. If it's only the knife thing that sketches you out then it may just be some weird collection he has lol

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    Sounds creepy to me. But he could just have this fascination with knives and likes to collect it. Does he just pile them or displayed to show off? If its shown off or taken good care off, then its probly just a fascination. But carrying one around all the time seems like a red alert. He may be paranoid or something. Don't be fooled by sweet guys, they could have some stink hidden beneath

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    Some perfectly nice people carry around knives. That said, if it makes you uncomfortable, you could ask him to lose the knife collection or lose you.

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    I would be concerned if I were you. Ask him why he needs to carry the knife with him all the time?

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