Wish I had a women to love.....ON THIS RAINY DAY?

Sometimes it just hits me so dam hard,and what made it worst is I just watched a new movie and guess what it was a love story.I am 28 and ,I have to find someone because I am not getting any younger.These past few days I have had some things go through my mind that I would rather not say. I see a lot of people that treat relationship,like a peice of shi t,and I don't understand why,because to me love it worth fighting for,

Some people are not willing to sacrifice,nor fight for love,makes me to remember the time when I was 22 I busted my as s to save money to go travel and go spend time with a women that I loved in the Philippines,and that is a long ways from Mississippi,but to some people, distance is nothing,for love,sacrifice,is nothing for love,yet for alot you can't even get them to meet you one mile away yet while some are willing to travel to different worlds,for a person they love,and no it's not out of disperation! but a heart that loves.

How does a person deal with being single? I mean yea to the person that is use to being in a relationship,or the person that just got out of one might say enjoy being single,well easy for them to say,but how do you deal with being single for a long time when you have so much love inside to give?

We live in such a messed up world today where the media,and culture has had a major effect on the way people ,believe ,act, and think in a relationship,and that is why most don't last and the normal person is in and out of relationships. God I would love for things to be like they were 100 years ago when LOVE TRULY MEANT SOMETHING.

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  • 7 years ago
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    Dude, (wipes tears dramatically) that's a nice speech and i can understand what you mean. i myself, feel like people are dating for dating sake. like, they have forgotten that the reason as to why we date which is to find somebody you are willing to the spend the rest of your life with, someone you would move heaven and earth to be with, someone you would travel half way over the world to meet and see.

    nowadays, it's just all about sex, or showing off the fact that you have a boyfriend. it's completely stupid.

    i'm glad to know there are still some men out there who are thinking like this.

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