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Navy sea/ shore rotation and A-school?

I'm enlisting in the Navy within the next few months when my husband gets out of the Army and I had a few questions.

I'm looking into Aviation jobs, (specifically AE and AT) and I'm a little unclear about "sea/ shore rotation" and about how much time I'll be spending on the boat and on the shore.

I was also wondering what dictates whether or not you become an AE or an AT (since you just enlist as an Aviation Sailor and then they choose which rating you get).

Lastly, I remember reading somewhere about the Air Force that if you're married and your technical training is long enough, your spouse can move with you while you're in school. Is this the same for Navy A-school, is it just an Air Force thing, or am I totally misinformed? Haha

Thank you! :)

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    1. sea/shore rotation

    sea duty, doesn't mean only when you are at sea - it just means you are assigned to an operational squadron - you'll spend on average about 6 months at seas each year

    shore duty means your assigned to s shore based command - and do NOT go to sea at all

    your not gonna get shore duty for years after enlisting.

    2. the needs of the service while your in A school determine if your gonna be a AE or AT

    3. if a single A school course is longer than 20 weeks, then the spouse is authorized to move

    but remember, that is a single course, not the A school

    and most A schools have you attending multiple courses

    IE: say a school is 38 weeks long, and you take two courses, couse A at 19 weeks and then course b that is 19 weeks

    well since neither course is 20 weeks long - your spouse cannot jon you - it doesn't matter the entire a school is 38 weeks long

    and yes, the military knows that - so thats why so many courses are 18 or 19 weeks long - so they do not have to move the spouse.

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    no boats have aviation ratings assigned to them, only ships. Kinda hard to land a helicopter on a boat.(submarine) some overseas duty counts as sea duty, each rating does have a specific rotation.. as high as 5 years sea duty. shore duty tends to be 2-3 years long.

    any A school over 6 months long it is possible to get accompanied orders. anything under that and you will be going alone.

    needs of the Navy( and you class standing) primarily determine which rating you get when coming out of Tech core.

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