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Do you think UFC will come to croatia?

Gary Cooper, UFC guy for Europe, mentioned in bunch of interviews that they are interested in putting one event in Croatia, and that FFC promotion ( balkan's organization ) is doing great job. We have mirko cro cop and stipe miocic who promote sport very well. For next year there isnt croatia involved. We are pretty poor country and we have big problem with free football violence here. Thats pretty big minus for us. What do you think?


Garry Cook*

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    6 years ago
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    My opinion, from being a fan since the beginning: I don't think Zuffa is looking at putting the UFC into Croatia any time soon. They are pretty smart about how they expand, and they tend to consolidate what they have before biting off more. The office that handles EU expansion is in the UK, where they are pretty firmly established. I think they are interested in expanding PPV across EU, but I don't see them being focused on attempting to use venues Croatia.

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  • Shadam
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    6 years ago

    no, well ya eventually but not soon , i think if cro crop was still top ten and got a title fight yea

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  • Jim R
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    6 years ago

    Only if they deem it is worth the time, and that means if they can make money.

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