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求英文translate to chinese

please translate to chinese , I need correct meaning! you can 你可以用google translate 再改meaning但我一定要看懂得中文意思~

Part of the answer is political. So long as Americans work longer hours than any other people on Earth we are going to feel hemmed in by our schedules. Expanded vacation time for everyone, including part-time and minimum wage workers, is one obvious and overdue solution. Shortening the work week, something the labor movement and progressive politicians successfully accomplished in the early decades of the 20th century, is another logical objective. There’s nothing preordained about 40-hours on the job; Italy, France, and other European nations have already cut back working hours. An opportunity for employees outside academia to take a sabbatical every decade or so is another idea whose time has come. And how about more vacation and paid holidays? Let’s start with Martin Luther King’s birthday, Susan B. Anthony’s birthday, and your own! Any effort to give people more clout in their workplaces—from strengthened unions to employee ownership—could help us gain much-needed flexibility in our jobs, and our lives.

On another front, how you think about time can make a big difference in how you feel about your life, as other articles in this cover section illustrate. Note how some of your most memorable moments occurred when something in your schedule fell through. The canceled lunch that allows you to spend an hour strolling around town. Friday night plans scrapped for a bowl of popcorn in front of the fireplace. Don’t be shy about shucking your schedule whenever you can get away with it. And with some experimentation, you may find that you can get away with it a lot more than you imagined.

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    有部份的答案是政治面的。長久以來,美國人的工作時數,比世上其他種族要來的長。我們感覺像是被壓縮在行程表裡。每個人,包括打零工者,領最低薪資的工人,都期待有多一些假期。這顯然是一個刻不容緩,改善現況的解決方案之一。減短每周的工時,這是早在 20 世紀初,就有勞工運動,配合進步的從政者合力完成的項目。如今,卻又成為另一個合乎邏輯,解決現況的目標。一周工作 40 小時是天經地義的事。義大利、法國和其他歐洲國家,都已經減少了工作時數。對學術界以外的職場員工來說,辛勤工作十年後,可享有一次長假的時機已到,也是大家夢寐的另一理想。來個有薪假期如何?就從馬丁路德誕辰日、蘇珊安東尼誕辰日開始,加上你自己的假期!大自工會小到職工,任何有助於壯大聲勢,以便獲得工作與生活之間,必要更有彈性的事物,都值得努力一試。



    馬丁路德 (Martin Luther King Jr.) 是美國黑人的英雄。他在 39 歲 (1968) 時被白人刺殺,反讓他成為美國歷史上的偉人之一。

    蘇珊安東尼 (Susan Brownell Anthony) 是美國十九世紀末,到二十世紀初時,爭取女權運動的領袖之一。

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