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What can i do to my truck for it to have a lot of speed?

It's a 1997 Tacoma with a 2.4L 4 cylinder. I'm looking to rebuild the engine and I guess it would be big boring the engine. What all parts can I upgrade for it to have more speed other than boring it? If you could toss on some prices with that too please. I'm not doing a turbo or super, I want it to look like a normal tacoma but then be able to take off like a rocket and whoop some civics and v6 mustangs.. thanks.

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  • 6 years ago
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    i do agree with "don r". w/o a turbo, you are somewhat limited. but not neccessarily out of the picture.

    but i don't understand your view. the trd turbo is a total *under hood* config! it will still look just like any other taco from the outside.


    the 2RZ is not exactly a dog engine. respect. just take some bucks.

    just like it's predecessor, the 22R block (even w/o positive induction), the 2RZ block is perfectly capable of competing with the platforms in Q.

    iffin pockets are deep, it can be done.

    contact this site,

    though at some point you're gonna have a traction issue. after all, it is a pu. but four link rear set up will fall into this puppy. little fabbing.

    nuff said.



    lcengineering has more than just bolt on parts for this. and iffin you have the bucks, it indeed will be competitive with *any* oe V6 stangs and civic's. save any real super hot V8 HO options on the stang.

    personal expirience.

    heckle, i can take a 22R short deck, match it with 20R heads, port/polish, cam, headers, weber carb, steel crank, line bore/balance, forged con rods, and will will run with those platforms.

    and the 2RZ will have even more potential.

    it's just another I4. exapmple could be that the 2ZZ I4 engine toy made for the celica's (otherplatform too) will be competitive in simple oe config.

    but as i said, there will be a traction issue on the pu.

    and since it's a mod above oe specs, it's a given gearing will need to be addressed. that generally allways a given.

    and 15% with lcengineering equipment, is and under statement. big time!

    total respect. bucks CAN make a diff. deep pockets can work wonders.

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  • 6 years ago

    Not with that engine. If you want to beat V6 Mustangs you are going to have to stuff in a 5 Litre V8 engine or install a supercharger. Even with a turbo your 2.4 will not do the job.

    And the Tacoma does not have the transmission, differential and chassis to handle that much power.

    Because if it was that easy to bolt on a few parts to a small engine and have it able to outrun V6 Mustangs, everyone would do it. At best you can increase performance like 15%.

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Find out if you can drop a larger engine instead of trying to get power out of a dog of a engine.

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  • 6 years ago

    No, no, no. Leave those Civics and Mustangs alone if you aren't going TRD turbo.

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