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JAPANESE PEOPLE HELP- foods and shops?

if you're just going to reply with "rice" or "sushi" don't bother... okay...:

1. names of grocery/supermarkets in japan? like in england we have sainsbury's, tesco's, asda, morrison's, etc.

2. names of japanese street clothes/accessories shops? (in england we'd have topshop, new look, claire's, H&M, etc.)

3. what does a normal person eat in japan, like a teenager? (for example we'd have a bowl of cereal/toast for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch, dinner varies.. and then snack all inbetween on things like fruit, cereal bars, biscuits, chocolates, packet of crisps, yogurt, etc.)

4. names of big food brands in japan? (we have mcvitie's, hovis, warburtons, muller, alpro, innocent, tropicana, robinsons, nescafe, cadbury, nestle, walkers, jacobs, mr kipling, aunt bessie's, KP, walls, ambrosia, gu, haagen-dazs, dr oetker, chicago town, goodfella's, birds, ben and jerry's, hartley's, sun-pat, heinz, campbells, quorn, cauldron, linda mccartney, danone, weetabix ltd, quaker, fox's, weight watchers, dolmio, uncle ben's, whitworths, nakd, alpen, maryland, butterkist, etc)

5. names of big candy/chocolate brands in japan? (we have mars. inc which does galaxy snickers milky way etc, cadbury, nestle, thorntons, lindt, guylian, ferrero, kinder, haribo, bassett's, green & blacks, hershey's, maynards, swizzels matlow, terry's, candy king, chokablok, wonka, etc)

6. names of common food chains/cafes in japan? (fast food we have burger king, kfc, mcdonalds, nando's, subway, pizza hut, but by cafe's i mean starbucks, costa, pret a manger, greggs, krispy kreme, etc)

7. random question: is cheese eaten regularly?

So i've given you a good idea about english foods and shops so please I hope you can reply to this as much or as little as you can - if you know any japanese people then please ask them! Thank you.

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    1. 'Summit', 'Marusho', 'Maruetsu', 'Miuraya', 'Kinokuniya', 'Kobe', 'CostCo', 'Kaldi Coffee Farm', 'Seijo-Ishi', 'Fuji Garden', 'Jiyugaoka, the Garden', 'Yaoko Marketplace'; all of the department stores also have their own supermarkets: 'Queens' (Isetan), 'Tobu', 'Seibu', 'Mitsukoshi', 'Takashimaya', 'Daimaru', 'Parco', 'Daiei' (Walmart), 'Sogo', 'Seiyu'...I must've missed a few dozen...

    2. H&M, 'UniQlo', 'Louis Vuitton', ALL of the other big European, etc, brands/designers...Armani, Armani Aix, Aquascutum, Max Mara, Adidas, Footlocker, ABC Mart (shoes) Diana Ginza (shoes)...

    3. Bread, toast or pastry and milk; rice balls; cup noodles; salad and green tea; natto with rice; McDonald's; more rice balls; crepes with ice cream; 'takoyaki'; 'gyuudon'; curry and rice; strawberry and cream sandwiches (seriously!); jumbo frankfurts on a stick; ramen; ANYTHING slathered in mayonnaise; lots of chicken pork and prawn cutlets; raw and coddled eggs; tons of sweet corn...more salads; pasta carbonara, bolognese and peperoncino; fried a lot of other stuff!

    4. Meiji, Iwatani, Aji-no-moto, Haagen-dasz, Lotte & Lotteria (Korean) Dr Oetker, Nescafe, Cadbury, Nestle, Ben and Jerry's, Heinz, Campbell's, Lindt, Godiva...

    5. Ditto, [minus thorntons, bassett's, green & blacks, maynards, swizzels matlow, terry's] plus Meiji, Glico, Lotte, Pretz, Pucca, Pocky, Arnott's TimTam...

    6. KFC, McD, BK, Mos Burger, Freshness Burger, Starbucks, Cafe de Crie, Becker's, Beck's, BLDY, Saizeria, Presto, Krispy Kreme, Andersen's, Maison Kayser, Boulangier Paul, Felts,

    7. Camembert #1 favorite; Brie is almost the same, so edible by Japanese, but the 'name' counts for a lot where sales are concerned...Kraft-style processed cheese is next on the list—some containing Camembert; almond flavor, black pepper...then, mixed 'natural' cheese, grated...usually 4 kinds...gouda, cheddar, mozzarella and (one of several others)—the rest cost an arm and a leg and are not that popular among the Japanese...

    Source(s): Two decades in Japan...
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