How can I make my car save gas ?

So I don't really know a thing about all. I have an '03 Mitsubishi Spyder Eclipse and it SUCKS on gas. Like I'll end up going through almost a quarter tank with my daily routine of school/work/gym etc. Idk what kind of gas I'm really supposed to use first of all, a lot of people tell me I should use 91 since it's a 'sports car' but I just use the cheapest to be honest. I'm in highschool I'm broke (jack in the box paychecks just don't cut it). So what kind of gas should I use and how can I make my car save and/or hold more gas ? Is that possible ? Can I change the motor or something ? See I don't know

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    6 years ago
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    The v6 in your mitsubishi will probably return around 18 average, even new. But there are a few things you can do, like GENESIS recommended.

    Here are things that I do to boost the fuel economy of my saturn ion, which is rated for only around 30 mpg , to around 37 +

    50 psi tires all around

    fuel saving oil

    ultraguage or scanguage for fuel economy readouts

    (plugs wires, maintenance like genesis mentioned)

    driving slow

    no ethanol gasoline. 91 octane will get you more power, but less benefit in the fuel economy department.

    make sure transmission fluid is full. or even change it.

    better exhaust (less restrictive, but this may not be in the budget)

    aeromods: under front bumper cover made of plastic sheeting to prevent air from swirling around under the bumper and causing drag. this helps a lot it seems.

  • Jared
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    6 years ago

    well for your case getting a newer car isn't an option. Most of today's high-horsepower vehicles have a combined fuel economy in the teens. The 6.5-liter, 12-cylinder, 700-hp Aventador gets a combined 13 mpg. Three cars with more than 500 hp get a combined 19 mpg--Mercedes' CLS63 and E63 and the Nissan GT-R.

    But in your case since money is tight forget that 91 octane. It's not for you and you don't need it. Like stated above change oil regularly and keep tune ups on schedule. Run regular octane gas and dont drive it like you stole it.

  • Adam
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    6 years ago

    This is coming from a guy who drives an 8 mpg Camaro after all the work I've done lol...

    87 octane (cheap) is all you need in the spyder. All you can really do is not accelerate hard at red lights and such, ease up slowly to red lights and see if you can time them to where you don't have to come to a complete stop, and a big one is utilize your cruise control whenever possible. That way you aren't constantly speeding up and slowing down. To sum this all up, drive like a 90 year old grandma. Make sure you're getting your oil changes and such to keep your car up to max performance. Don't go changing all kinds of parts in your car lol.

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    'keep your foot out of it' is the best advice you'll ever get .. accelerate slow and coast as much as you can .. gas type wont make much difference if any, keep tires inflated to correct pressure and put a new air filter on it if its old .. if the car is full of junk clean it out ..

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  • 6 years ago

    HA! you think your gas goes quick! Get a silverado 2500HD 8.1L V8 like mine 8MPG highway and city, then lets talk.

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