Question about racism?

So I'm in this vocational school program that takes students from all over my county and there are a lot of redneck kids. I'm from the inner city. I can deal with the ugly camo everywhere and pick ups that don't really pick anything up, but the confederate flags make me wanna choke them. When they walk by with the flag they look me in the eye and whisper and laugh with their friends. Normally, I would have just handled it with my hands but I already got suspended too many times. I'd get expelled. So I told the principal about it and he basically said I can tell on them to teachers and they'd be told to take it off. Isn't that ****** up? They wouldn't let anybody walk around in nazi attire until they get told on by a Jewish kid.

The most ****** up thing about this all is that I DONT EVEN LIVE DOWN SOUTH!

What should I do? Ps I'm black if you haven't made that inference yet

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago
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    The confederate flag is a symbol of racism against blacks and treason against America.

    The term "redneck" is not racist. A term is racist when it has a history of actual racism behind it, and that does not include being the perpetrator of said racism.

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  • I went to a mostly black latino school and delt with the same thing,i moved maybe you should move.

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  • 6 years ago

    The term "redneck" is also racist. Please stop using it.

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