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Need Info on the Umayyad MIlitary?

Well I have to do this for school and I have combed through like thirty websites and there is nothing on their military. But, I need I know how it was unique and their accomplishments

P.S I mean the Islamic Umayyad Empire

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    The Ummayad army:

    Jund - Arab cavalry.Tribes of he Arab Conquest now settled as a paid military caste in permanent camps on the borders.

    Khawarij - volunteer Arab cavalry in advanced outposts,wearing red shirts,poor,and anxious to get rich by raiding and territorial expansion

    Hadjis - religious fanatic infantry

    Hashariyan levy - low quality infantry recruited from the inhabitants of conquered areas

    The core of the army were the Jund and the hadjis.

    The Umayyads expanded the Arab empire,conquering the Caucasus region,Transoxiana (modern Uzbekistan,Tajikistan,Kyrgyzstan,and parts of Kazakhstan),Sidh (in modern Pakistan),North Africa west of Egypt,and most of Spain and Portugal.

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