looking for a song i found on youtube?

i found it on youtube a whle ago but cant seem to find it it was a german band or possibly russian an they were singing about the glorious german tiger tank iv tried for 2 days to find it and am having no luck i think the name of the song was let the cat loose of something to that affect

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  • 7 years ago
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    There are 3 different things that you can do to try & find a video you have previously

    watched, assuming that you haven't cleared-out your cache. Not only that, you can

    have the results appear either:  1) in alphabetical order, 2) in chronological order, or

    3) as photo thumbnails:

    ALPHABETICALLY (tons of results):

    Highlight the URL address bar of a webpage (even this one if you want), and simply

    type-in the word "youtube'' [no quotes].  From all of those various results, you'll see

    -- every YouTube address you typed

    -- every YouTube channel you visited

    -- every YouTube video you watched

    but, unfortunately, everything will be in dreadful YouTube code (like v=a1b2c3d4e5f).

    CHRONOLOGICALLY (many results):

    Simply click on your internet browser's ''History'' button or tap "CTRL" and the letter

    ''H'' on your keyboard -- and you will get a daily list of every website which you have

    visited.   Every YouTube video will be mixed-in with all of the other websites, but it'll

    actually be much easier for you to locate that particular video -- because everything

    will be displayed in "plain" English.  And because each and every YouTube video is

    in a way its own website, you'll also be able to see the full title of every single video.

    PHOTO THUMBNAILS (few results):

    The other thing you can try is your ''YouTube History''. If you click that, you will see

    thumbnails of the videos which you've recently seen, but only the more recent ones.

    (The reason for that is because everytime you open and exit YouTube, your History

    is semi-cleared and starts anew.)  It might be worth trying this way because the vid

    which you are looking-for may be a "related video'' of something that's already there.

    Believe it or not, you can even find ''YOUR'' viewing History from right here in Yahoo

    Answers.  Just click on my link below -- and it will take you to ''YOUR'' own History:



  • 7 years ago

    Do a search in 'History' using an appropriate search term, e.g. band German Tiger tank

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