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What does aya-shirabe mean in Japanese?

Everytime I go to Mitsuwa Marketplace, I end up buying this pastry called aya-shirabe. I was just wondering what it means in Japanese, they show a picture of a paper crane on the front does that mean anything also?

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  • 6 years ago
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    Just clues.

    I googled “あやしらべ” (Japanese character for “aya-shirabe”).

    And I found the following page.

    The page says aya-shirabe is “Milky flavor white bean paste(contains egg yolk)

    wrapped in Japanese cake.”

    They say kanji for “aya” is “彩” which means “bright colored or colorful”.

    しらべ is an old Japanese word for “melody”

    I GUESS, thus aya-shirabe means “colorful melodies”

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  • 6 years ago

    あや(綾) is an adjective that means rich in color, brilliant, beautiful.

    しらべ (調べ) means the melody.

    Both of them are old, beautuful words.

    I don't think the paper crane is something to do this; it's just for making Japanese atmosphere :)

    Source(s): native speaker
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