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what do you think of the stock international paper?(IP)?

thank you.

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    6 years ago
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    there are more companies that has something to do with paper

    the question you should ask yourself have you already checked those shares with the share as mentioned in your question and when the person who asked this question has he or she a brokerage account that allows to buy shares anoted at other stock markets then the US stockmarket the NYSE, Nasdaq and the NYSE Amex and since the merger from ICE and NYSE for us citizens the amount of tradable common stock is bigger, for the correct information visit the site by a computer in the Usa

    investing in common stocks is a do it your self and therefore have you to compare some shares with each other and to acquire information over shares in the same marketsegment

    and also how any trade will affects your financial sistuation before taxes and after taxes and the amount of money invested in any share and the fee can be the total lost

    here some websites


    euronext.com there will be some changes to this site so uses also the searchstring shares or equities

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