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各位大大,求翻譯(英文)!! 小弟我定無比感恩,謝謝!!!!

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    When I was young, my whole family went for a swim. I was filled with expectations because it was the first time I went into the water.

    In front of us is the pool. My sister jumped in first. In the pool she was frolicking back and forth effortlessly. Although it was my first time, I didn't have any fear. Maybe it was because I saw how my sister maneuvered in the water, I dove in.

    When my body was in the water, I discovered I couldn't touch the bottom. I further realized I couldn't breath. My eyes were wide open and my head was clear for the first time. I saw my sister about 10 to 15 meters straight ahead. Then I waved my arms and legs and tried to yell for help. Just about the time I couldn't keep going my sister discovered that I was in deep trouble. She used all her might swam toward me and pulled me out of water.

    An excited experience within the grasp of death, this is my most unforgettable memory.

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