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Questions about Yahoo Answers anyone?

I am quite new to this so I have quite some questions, please bare with me..

First of all, how is best answer percentage work? is it a simple logarithm just dividing best answers over total answer? because I have seen a top contributor with 50+% top answer which ment that he/she has answered 10k+ top answer from the total 20k+, which is quite a lot dont you agree?

When you get a top contributor badge, does it ever go away if that person is inactive or they nominate a new top contributor every week? (which ment the badge will switch and jump around to other person that has contributed the most in that catagory)

How does best answer awarded? If the asker does not choose the best answer, and when someone has voted, when does that goes into effect as the best answer (after how long?) or does it even goes into it at all?

How about an answer with word play? I have an answer flagged down previously and I was quite baffled to why, its something like this:

Q: Is it legal to get a gun in (forgot which state), if so, how?

A: Yes, get a blowgun. (in which community guideline does this answer offend?)

Where is the noticifation area? I have followed a question wanting to know any updates but I dont seems to see any notification even after the question has been voted.

If I follow someone, what does it exacly ment? does I get notification of every answer that person has given? If so where do I see it?

How do I look for questions that is exactly 2 days old? because I have notice the best answering time seems to be in the first day or the first few hours, this causes people to repost as I have seen people posting the same questions within minutes of each other just so they can get some answers.

What is rating questions?

What is reference state? can people add answers or edit?

What is voting state? can people add answer or edit?

These are some of the questions that I can think of, but if there is any info that you guys think I might need to know feel free to tell.. Thx guys..


Thx Rev for that generous answer. =D

yea it took some time to think of all these questions too..

I'd imagine the pain for you to scroll up and down to answer them..

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    Wow, that's a lot of questions within one question! A word of advice, you might want to separate them into different questions, as to answer all of these at once is asking quite a lot. Most users that might answer many of the individual questions won't answer at all, because it seems like you want such a long answer. But I'll try to address all of them.

    BA% is as you have surmised a simple ratio of Best Answers to total number of questions answered. But keep in mind, if the question is reported, a Best Answer on that question still counts towards BA%. The end result of this is it artificially skews the statistic, sometimes even over 100%. I know of one profile that has only one answer still showing, yet they have a 6500% BA rating. Ridiculous.

    TC badges are dynamic, based on an average of 3 consecutive weeks or so of answering. If one quits answering in their TC category, they will lose the badge within a few weeks.

    If an asker does not choose a Best Answer within 4 days (or 8 if they extend the question) then the question goes to vote. Voting lasts 2 days, if there is a majority vote after that time the answer is chosen, otherwise the question could be in Tiebreaker indefinitely, until a deciding vote is cast.

    Your blowgun answer seems to me like it did not actually attempt to answer the question being asked, which is against the rules. It's pretty clear the asker wasn't talking about blowguns, they mean firearms.

    Notification area, for most things on the new purple US format just click Answers Home and look under the Everything tab. Older green format, it's on the upper right side of the page, here you'll be informed of things happening to your account. You won't get updates on a question, following it puts it on a list so it will be easier for you to find it on your own and see what's happening.

    Following a user means you are allowing them to see all of your Q&A on your profile, and yes you can see notifications about their Q&A, under the Everything tab.

    To look for 2 day old questions, you will have to scroll through the lists of open questions and find them; on the older format still used on other Y!A sites besides the US one, there are pages so you can jump ahead.

    Rating questions, no such thing on Y!A that I know of. They can be followed, which is the same as starring or marking as interesting.

    Reference state means the question is resolved, users can add answers on the new format, but the Best Answer cannot be changed, nor can existing answers be edited.

    During voting no answers can be added or edited. That could make the voting process unfair, since some users wouldn't have had a chance to see some answers before voting, or how answers had changed since they voted for them.

    Hope that helps, took some time to answer all that.

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