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About legalization export-import in Benin, West Africa?

Iwant to ask you all, we are exporeters from Indonesia, is true in Benin , West Africa , If we want to export we have to pay a fee for legalization ? because many scams in west Africa , and is it true ?

Ste Unicom Sarl

c/485 Missebo , Cotonou

Benin republic - West Africa

Because the company does not have a website .

Is this really a company that can be believed and this is true whether legalization agency ?


Federal Justice & Law Chamber

Advocate and Public Notry

Office located at Lot : 412 , Kokotomy , Cotonou .

Republique Benin , West Africa

Bagini requirements for legalization in west africa , is it true ? to whom I should ask this truth ?

REQUIREMENTS FOR Legalization : -

1 . Copy Of ​​Certificate For Quality Product1 -

2 . Copy of Certificate of Origin Products

3 . Copy Of ​​Products Analysis ( if any )

4 . Copy of Proforma Invoice

5 . Supplier of personal international passport or ID card

6 . Copy of power of attorney

7 . Benin High Court Legalization Processing Fees / Legalization Fees

8 . service fees

Note : the legalized document fees of those in High Court Of Justice Benin is U.S. $ 985.00 and our consultation and service charges , U.S. $ 450.00

Thank you for your help and answers .

best regards

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  • 8 years ago
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    Those are all fake

    To begin with, there is NO such law firm in Benin as Alfa Chambers -- the term Chambers is NEVER used in French speaking countries like Benin

    Benin also has NO Federal court or High Court of Justice, nor do they use US$s in Benin. The High Court in Benin is called the Haut Conseil de la Magistrature

    You NEVER enter into any sort of international agreements without getting your Embassy involved, Before you agree to any transactions, you call your Embassy in Benin (or in the country that oversees Benin) and speak to their Commercial section. Their job is to promote business between Indonesia and Benin. They have a team on the ground who willl not only investigate companies for you, but will also assist you with all export documents, procedures, registration, etc, etc.

    The Indonesian Embassy in Nigeria oversees affairs in Benin

    so call them before you do any sort of business in Africa. Have them verify the legitimacy of any company before you enter into any sort of negotiations

    And go back to the company in Benin saying that the Commercial Attache at the Indonesian Embassy in Nigeria will be coming to Benin next week to meet with them and review all of the paperwork. Say that the Embassy will be filling out all documentation on your behalf. Say that they should be expecting a call from the Embassy this week to arrange a meeting next week at their offices. Then wait for the excuses - if you ever hear from them again

    Read this

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