Fiance's second priority?

My fiance has been playing a lot of Pathfinder with his friends over the course of the past couple months. Just recently started a new campaign after a previous one concluded. I asked my fiance yesterday if he could skip a night since I've been stressing out a lot and really would've liked some extended time just to be with him, but he claimed it was too close to start time to back out? Is his tabletop game of a greater priority?


@Mikey: Next time you answer a question, use your own common sense and try to actually answer it.

Update 2:


Back when we started he only did one session every one or two weeks and he would skip when I asked. But you are right that I should probably reconsider some things...

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  • Don
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    7 years ago
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    Aw gee willikers there Peloristic, by the description you gave it seems quite apparent that you are not his first priority. When you started dating did he also when convenient brush you off because his gaming with his friends was more important? Are you sure, and yes we know you are already stressed out, but if his gaming more important than do you feel this is the person you want to spend your life with ? When does he give you the time or attention that you desire ? Please don't kid your self that he is all about you when it's time for him to have sex, that means he is using you.

    If he feels his tabletop game is more important than you, you are his third priority at best.

    It's all about him and his wants first, his gaming second and then maybe he has time for you.

  • 7 years ago

    You're getting a preview of life with this guy; you will have to deal with his games and may find yourself in second place.

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