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Chance at UNC Chapel Hill?

My unweighted gpa is 3.65 and weighted is 4.6. 8-9 AP classes. 3s on 3 of them, 4s and 5s on most of them. ACT Composite:30, Sat reading:610 Writing:670 Math:710. Class Rank: top 15th percentile. As and Bs througout highschool, just 2 Cs freshman year. Volunteer in communities, hospitals and other areas. Part of key club and 3 or 4 more clubs. Varsity track runner and Junior Varsity soccer. My soccer team is one of the best in the state of north carolina. Im instate not out state, so tutions will be low for me. If you or anyone you know got into UNC Chapel Hill, please give feedback and tips of what u or the person did. THANKS!!!

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    I think borderline at best unless you're in state since your SAT composite is lower than 2000. UNC CH is hard to get into.

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