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Why did God create me as a boy ?

Ok heres the thing , I am a 14 year old boy who is obsessed with skin care , waxing my face , foundation and Miley Cyrus. That means I am gay from the inside but I'm hiding it but I dont want to be gay 'cause i'm a Christian . I mean I would reeeaaaaly love ,to wear Rimmel london lipsticks, going to get full body waxs, use Guici handbags , wear britney spears perfumes, have long hair and straighten it and play with it in class, get my ears and the side of my nose pearsed, get my eyebrows done. You know what I mean guys. I just love all the things girls do . I always cry at night and ask God and Jesus " why did you make me a stupid boy if I love girly stuff". I have always loved girly stuff since as far back as I can remember. I just adored both of my sisters long hair . I mean if I wasnt a Christian I'd probarly wait till im like 21 , move to Los Angeles and be gay there cause I could have a fresh start . I completly love the Youtuber "Gregory Gorgous ". He is openly gay and wears make up and all that . I look up to him so much . I dont understand why i wasnt made a girl then i would have 100 less things to worry about. Could any of you christians out there please tell me why this has happened just to me ?? And please dont say that God isnt real because I still have hope somehow.

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    Well, first you are only gay if you have a desire to have sex with boys. If you don't and you are sexually attracted to girls but like girly things, you are just a straight boy who likes girly things. If you are gay you can still be a Christian, no matter what people at church say. They are just people with an opinion and are not necessarily more right than someone with an opposing opinion about God. Jesus loves everyone no matter who they are. God would not create gay people and then punish them for being that way. If God truly wanted people to be "perfect" whatever that is supposed to mean, He would simply create everyone perfect and then there would be no need for punishment. It would be irrational to punish people for the way in which He made them, which would mean God was an irrational sadistic nutcase which He is not. He has unconditional love for everyone. God created everyone to be different, including making some people gay because he's not a boring guy who wants everyone walking around acting like carbon copies of each other. Life would be dull and meaningless if everyone were the same. God makes people different and gives them different challenges to deal with to make them stronger, deeper and more loving. Deep love cannot evolve out of something shallow and meaningless which means, unfortunately, that pain must be involved sometimes. But don't feel bad. Everyone has something in themselves that they don't like that they have to deal with. I have bipolar disorder. It is genetic and runs in my family. It's no one's fault, it's just part of who I am and, in some ways, there are benefits to it like it can give me more creativity (I am an artist) than if I were just "normal" If you look around, your friends have things about themselves that are difficult too like anorexia, drug or alcohol addiction, leukemia, death of a loved one, mental or emotional illness and on and on. EVERYONE has some thing that is difficult to deal with or something that makes them feel like a freak. If you try looking at it that way, it makes you feel like your problems are not so difficult to manage after all. Work on loving yourself no matter how you are. Change the way you talk to yourself about the things you like and learn to not feel ashamed. Being gay, or just a straight guy who likes girly things, is nothing to be ashamed of or dislike yourself for. It's what makes you more interesting.

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    <random stuff and Miley Cyrus> "That means I am gay"

    Yeah, no. You're trying too hard.

    "I dont understand why i wasnt made a girl then i would have 100 less things to worry about."

    Apparently you don't know anything about being a girl.

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    if you want to have sex with guys your gay. if women and guys bisexual. if you just like taking care of yourself then maybe your just feminine. if you want to run around in full drag that doesn't mean your actually gay. hell my neighbor sleeps with different women every other day never had a gay thought in his brain, but he paints his toenails because they look freaking ugly. this all has nothing to do with religion. iv known many girly boys in my life personally i hated mily until she started acting like a real person. scientists and psychologists believe homosexuality comes from different things. imbalances in the brain, childhood trauma, in the genes...etc. all that i know is god didn't make you like that. (nor did ademon or devil as some fanatics think)

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    The things you like and do doesn't make you gay. You say you're gay because society has brainwashed you into thinking that if you're a feminine dude, that makes you gay. Wrong. I've known many straight guys who do and love girlish things. God made you a boy, and you should respect that.

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    Irrevocable rule of nature is fixed by the creator Allah (God).

    And that Allah has fixed –

    A sequence will be followed by next with its prefixed effect for

    peaceful cohabitation of every element.

    As such, your birth as boy is necessary.

    Mohammed Tarek

    Source(s): Holy Quran
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    I dealt with Homosexuality since I was a young boy! or at least that's when it started. But Jesus has washed me in His blood, and has set me free from it. But you have to cleanse yourself from it by repenting. And keep asking God to help you overcome it.

    And God doesn't tempt us with evil or sin. the tempter is the devil.

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    Dont balme God, you're dealt your hand... take responsibility of your choices and face the consequences like a man.

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    Are you *sure* you're gay, or are you just really flaming?

    Your dick can answer that question for you.

    Ask your penis.

    Is it gay?

    Or are you, as an individual, just very "feminine?"

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    oh and btw i dont know what happened with you but be yourself, and people who dont like that arent worth your time.

    Source(s): satanist
  • I wish I was a chick it would have saved my life

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