Need help from 90s alt-rock experts?

I've been trying for years to remember a song I heard around '95 or '96. It's a mid-tempo, heavy distortion alternative rock song about a guy in love with an under-aged girl (I believe). The only lyrics I remember are "Stay with me Diana," and I seem to remember a mention of the girl being sixteen. Which leads me to think -- I say think, I am not entirely positive -- that it could be a 90s alt-rock cover of the Paul Anka song Diana, which shares that same lyric line.

Keep in mind I've been searching online for this song for years, so before you go dropping guesses snagged from page 1 of a google search, I know for a fact it's not by any of these bands:

Changos Del Rock

Warren Dean Flandez

Ricky Martin

Johnny Hallyday



Again, I'm not 100% certain it's a cover of the Paul Anka song, but since it shares an identical lyric line, that's what I'm leaning toward. But all I remember for certain is distorted guitar, mid-tempo, male singer, and the lyrics "Stay with me, Diana."

So seventeen, eighteen years I've been trying to find this song. If you can help me, not only will I award you ten points, I'll worship you as a 90s rock god!


Took a listen but sorry, no, it's not Material Issue. The name is definitely "Diana," not "Diane," and the song is slower paced. Thanks for trying, though. :)

Update 2:

HOLY ****! It took me eighteen years, but I found it! FINALLY! The song is called "Diana," by a band called 3 lb. Thrill. I'll vote you as best answer for the effort, though. :)

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