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Why could my check engine light be on?

Earlier I drove my car and left it parked for a couple of hours, temp dropped quite a bit but I doubt that was a factor. It's a 2007 chevy aveo with 87k miles all maintenance up to date (belts changed, fluid levels good, new spark plugs/wires). The car isn't making any noises out of the ordinary and isn't driving any differently. I'm going to get it checked tomorrow but am curious as to what it could be?

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    IT is very common on ALL CARS for the IDLE AIR CONTROL VSAVLE to stick if CHEAPER OILS are used in the engine! In teh COLD< thsi vavle STICKS and prevents a proepr AIR/FUEL mixture at idle and in STOP and GO conditions! Take $20 to ANY OIL CAHNGE CENTER and have the THROTTLE BDOY and ILE AIR CONTROL VALVE CLEANED<and do soem homework about ENGIEN OILS! NEVER GET DUPED by only VISCOITY RATINGS< the LOWEST form of OIL RATINGS! Look for ILSAC< JASO, ACEA and GL numbers ONLY! MOBIL ONE 0W-30 FULL SYNTEHTIC is good for most cars, and 0W-20 is good for other ones! POWER WASH ENGIEN with GUNK ORANGE every 3-4 months to keep ROAD SALT, DEBRIS< and lekaign fludis form vital ELECTRICAL PARTS! GOOD LUCK!!

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    Honeslty every car's check engine light comes on at that point in the cars life. Usually there's nothing worng with the cars,especially if you have maintained it well which it sounds like you have. I am willing to bet that it's just a bad sensor. My car is the same way... it says "change oil" and "low tire pressure" which can't possibly be true. But yeah usually around that time the "idiot lights" come on, I bet your ABS light will come on next, but like i said it's more than likely just a bad sensor.

    Good luck!

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    Go to your local friendly mechanic/Autozone and see if they can do a code read for you (for free). They'll take their little computer and plug it in to the car's computer system, and this will tell you what exactly caused the light to come on.

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    Best thing to do, get a diagnostic. should never guess, it can always be something difference.

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