Why is believing that Christ died for our sins the ONLY way to God/Heaven?

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    At MATT.5:17-48, Jesus Christ stated that ALL who have harbored evil/sinful thoughts of immoral lust, hate, anger, greed, selfishness, jealousy, fear/worry, etc in their hearts and minds, are bound for hell, unless they are willing to pluck out their eyes and chop off their limbs, forever turn the other cheek, go the extra mile, etc. That is, to be able to go to heaven, people need to be completely absent of such evil thoughts in their hearts and minds, which is an impossibility.

    .......It is not enough for people to be just without sins/evil-deeds/crimes or to just keep Moses Law. A good and law-abiding person will be blessed by God with a good and long life on earth. Without faith in JC, he/she will still end up in hell, after death.

    Fallen humans can only be justified for heaven by having faith in JC; and NOT by the keeping of Moses Law, as present-day Jews still believe. In other words, only faith can save them from hell; and NOT the works or good deeds in keeping Moses Law.

    .......Spirit'ual perfection occurs when a Jewish Christian keeps Moses Law and believe in Jesus for his/her salvation from hell. For a Gentile Christian, Spirit'ual perfection occurs when he/she believes in Jesus and try his/her best to keep Moses Law - ACTS.15:28-29 permits a GC to exempt himself/herself from any law of Moses that is a burden, eg circumcision, kosher foods, keeping strict Friday Sabbath, etc.

    According to the Word of God, all humans are bound for hell unless they hv been saved by JC, ie thru His atoning blood that was shed for all humans on the Cross.(ROM.5:12, LEV.17:11) All they hv to do is believe. No pre-qualifying works, donations or good deeds are needed.(LUKE.23:43)

    This hellish human dilemma began at the Garden of Eden when Satan masqueraded as a friendly talking serpent/snake and manipulated Eve and Adam to sin against or disobey God. Adam's original sin allowed Satan to spiritually "infect" their hearts and minds and brought on curses from God upon themselves(GEN.3:15-16), eg girls gave birth in pain, bullied by their lover; boys gotta earn a living; they had to die physically(become dust) and spiritually(=bound for hell). All humans hv inherited Adam's original sin and its consequences/curses.

    Sin/evil-deed has to be repaid by the sinner(thru curses/punishments/fines/imprisonment/ sickness/etc, according to the law of ni4ni) or by a worthy another(eg scapegoat or the blood of animal sacrifice). Adam, the father of all humans, could not repay for his and his wife's original sin against God.

    .......At about 33AD, God provided the blood of His Son to repay or atone for Adam's original sin. Those who believe will hv their inherited/inborn Adamic sin forgiven by God, resulting in them not having to suffer/perish in eternal hell and qualifying them for heaven or eternal life.(JOHN.3:16).

    .......It's like a good father paying the fine/penalty for his teenage son's crime(eg shoplifting).

    Btw, Jesus was God-come-in-the-flesh or in-human-form.(JOHN.1:1 & 14, MATT.1:23, 1TIM.3:16, ISAIAH.9:6, HEB.1)

    .......God the Father-in-heaven came down to earth, transfiguring Himself(MATT.17:2) as the visible Son or as the invisible Spirit, speaking to His chosen people/prophets, eg Noah, Abraham, Moses, the apostles, etc. Bc of the inborn evilness in humans, the Father could not speak to them directly.(EXO.33:20, JOHN.1:18 & 5:37)

    To be saved from hell, people need to come to Jesus first.(JOHN.14:1-6) Seeing Jesus is the same as seeing God the Father.(JOHN.14:8-9 & 20:28) Thru Jesus, they will be resurrected or raptured(1THESS.4:16) and live with Him on a new earth for about 1,000 years. Finally, in the blink of an eye, they will be in heaven and see God on His heavenly throne.(EZEK.1, REV.4)

    .......It may be a grave mistake for a believer to see Jesus as someone lesser than God, esp at His 2nd Coming back to earth.(MATT.28:9) Eg what if God the Father-in-heaven were to speak to you as the Son/Jesus or as the invisible Spirit.?(eg ACTS.9:5, 2COR.3:17)

    The Holy Trinity means the One God = God the Father-in-heaven, God the Son and/or God the Spirit on earth.(1JOHN.5:7-9)

    .......This can be compared to the Sun-in-space, sun-light and/or sun-heat on earth. God is One, like the Sun is one, but God can hv many manifestations bc God is Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Omniscient. There is nothing impossible with God. There is much in the Universe that humans do not comprehend.


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    Because that is what Jesus wants. No one can get to heaven, except through Christ. Not through being a "good person". He wants us to believe and depend on him completely. But there is a difference between being aware of Christ and actually believing.

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    7 years ago

    because there was a curse placed on man in the garden of Eden and God doesnt go against His own word .. by one all are under sin .. and by one not under that curse wrongfully killed they were redeemed

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    7 years ago

    research this, it's a Christian church but they do not believe that Jesus is God and that God can not be a man.


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    because he's the ONLY one that died for us to get there.

  • 7 years ago

    Because it is a great way to exclude other people and think everyone else is going to hell but us.

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