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True or False, Mike Conley has been one of the 3 best point guards in the West this year?

Obviously Chris Paul has a spot on the list being the only player currently averaging 20 + points and 10 + assists per game. But who are the other 2 guys so far this year and is Mike Conley one of them?


@JM, good points but Conley also plays great defense which Curry is indifferent to. Bledsoe is he really defending as well as he did last year now that he has more offensive duties?

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    Eric Bledsoe has been better. He averages more points, rebounds and assists (20.9ppg, 7.3apg, 4.4rpg) and his team is 5-2 and have a better record than Conley's team and he has less help than Conley.

    I would also put Stephen Curry above him as well putting up similar points but 8.5apg compared to Conley's 5.8, plus the Warriors are doing better than the Grizzlies, a little bit.

    Curry: 19.2ppg, 8.5apg, 3.5rpg, 48%fg, 45%3pt, 90%ft

    Conley: 20.2ppg, 5.8apg, 2.8rpg, 52%fg, 20%3pt, 96%ft

    Tony Parker has been better too having the Spurs at the top of the conference with similar numbers to Conley.

    Edit: After them, it's hard to argue anyone else against Conley ATM (unless I was going based off reputation, or how great an overall player they are). Judging by your question it seems you wanted the best PG's (as in who has played the best so far). Therefore that's all I can make an argument for playing better than Conley right now.

    Edit 2: Yeah, you have a point about Curry's defense. But as for Bledsoe, he's has some solid defensive performances this year. PG's Parker, Lillard, and Lawson have had big games against him this year. But Bledsoe has played games against these PG's in which they had REALLY bad games with him guarding them.

    Holiday for the Pelicans: 1-7FG with 6 TO's.

    John Lucas (III): 2-10FG.

    Russell Westbrook: 5-16FG, with 4TO's.

    So overall, given his larger role on offense, I would say he's been doing solid on defense.

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