Can "aspiring" acting agencies get you anywhere?

Um, Can "aspiring acting agencies" for aspiring actors get you on a higher platform and get you more up to acting instead of the aspiring stage. If Cogito or Katrina comment please tell me something informative! I would appreciate everyones' views. A lot of you guys are helping me learn more about the business in some type of way. I appreciate it.!

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  • 6 years ago
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    I'm not sure what you mean by "aspiring acting agencies". Legitimate talent agents are paid on commission - which means they get paid a percentage of what the actor makes (usually 10-20%). So they're paid only if the actor books a paying professional job - which means most agents are not interested in beginners. They're not there to develop new talent or anything - because that doesn't make them any money and if they invest in someone and that person decides to leave and go to a bigger agency, then they got little back for their investment.

    So I would be cautious about any "aspiring" acting agency - especially if they charged a fee or encouraged to use their photographer or offered you classes that you had to pay for. Those are legitimate agents. Talent agents in most states must get a license. In California, you can check that database, here: It's illegal for talent agents to charge up front fees. Advance Fee Talent Services must also register with the state and post a bond. You can check that here: but do the research to make sure that the services are really worth the fee.

    Here's an article with more information about researching people/agencies:

    What you can do is focus on getting experience at some low-to-no-pay jobs that agents don't work to get their clients (since the commission on $0 is $0). Think of it like an acting internship - you get some experience and on-the-job training and it's a way to network. The best way to get an agent is through a referral - so getting to know people in the industry, getting some film for a show reel - those are helpful things to do. If you can impress an acting teacher or a coach or a director, they may be willing to refer you. Check out websites like Actors Access, Now Casting, LA Casting and Backstage - they list low-to-no-pay jobs that you could submit to try to get experience. Just understand there are a lot of people wanting to be actors - so competition even for these jobs - is fierce.

    Remember - even if you can get an agent all an agent does for you is get you auditions. You still have to book the jobs. Which means you really do need to have the acting training and the talent to be able to do that. It's not all business.

    Good luck.

  • Cogito
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    6 years ago

    An agency is only any good if it has lots of really good contacts with casting directors.

    That's how they find auditions for their clients.

    If they're only 'aspiring' to be an agency, it means they have few or no contacts - so they're not worth bothering with at all.

    It's no good getting accepted by an agency, as my daughter did a few years ago, only to find that they had absolutely no contacts, and knew almost no-one in the business at all.

    You have to be a real actor - not as aspiring one - before any genuine agency would accept you.

    This is because they only accept fully-trained and very experienced actors, because that's who casting directors want.

    If they passed details of auditions on to semi-trained and new actors, who then went to the auditions, the casting directors would soon realise that they were unprofessional and strike them off their lists. Nothing annoys a casting director like a beginner turning up and wasting their time!

  • 6 years ago

    omg you really need to block cogito all his info is so inaccurate...hes just a stupid actor who can never get work and tries to ruin everyones dream just because he cant act.


    Yes, aspiring acting agencies are good for beginners!

    You can build up experience and if you really have good talent then it doesnt matter what agency your in. But once you book something like a major role in a film or tv show, you will probably have to leave that agency and go to one of the top 5 ones.

  • R K
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    6 years ago

    all agents can do is get you on auditions. the only thing that will get you to anywhere is your talent and ability. there is no such thing as an agency for aspiring actors. if you have enough talent, training and experience to get an agent, your past the aspiring stage, your an actor.

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