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Does god always give signs you ask for in prayer? Also will god answer my pray? Similar experiences anyone?

If you ask god for a sign that hell answer your prayer, will he always give you a sign? I've been praying for something to Happen to me for a while now. But I realized I wasn't praying right so now that I am praying right, I've been asking for him to give me a sign if it'll happen and I haven't gotten anything unless I missed it. I did before I even started prayin for this have dreams about it numerous of nights in a row during summer and had gotten signs of my prayer before but again, before I started praying for it. Okay, I've been praying for god to take my body and health and soul and instead of giving cancer to some innocent little child, that he can use my body and health for it. Do you think he'll actually give me cancer? IM PRAYING FOR IT SO ATLEAST ONE OTHER PERSON DOESNT HAVE TO GO THRU IT. not in a messed up way I swear! But please just reply NICELY. I'm giving him my health, body, soul to put thru cancer ... Do u think he will? Serious and nice answers only plz


By cancer I mean like leukemia. Also how should I properly ask him for this prayer and how should I ask him for a sign?

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    A Prayer for Healing Cancer

    Heavenly Father, I come before you with a solemn heart and in need of your intercession. I pray that the cancer that has come into my life soon fades into a quick remission.

    I believe in your capacity for miracles, and ask for this on my behalf. As we grow older, I know we become closer to the day you accept us back into your kingdom. I ask that you delay that holy union if it be your will. In your name I pray,


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    I don't think it is wise to ask God for signs. He is not a magic "genie".

    You have a weird delusion ~ saying He "can use my body and health for it."

    God doesn't WANT to grow cancer in anybody. Who told you that trash??

    ---> "not in a messed up way I swear" .. !!! ... but THAT IS MESSED UP.

    and don't "swear" to anything involving God - He hates that. (James 5:12)

    He gives signs ~ but He chooses signs that are the most appropriate for

    people who are doing His will. (about saving people from their sin)

    All this seems to be about YOUR will, and YOUR whacky delusions ...

    You need to learn what God is about .. I suggest you get a Bible and read

    - in the New Testament - the book of John (4th book) and Acts (5th book)

    as a starting point .. which should enlighten you somewhat .. If you were to

    be drawn by Him to follow Jesus, you may receive the Holy Spirit to live in

    you. The Spirit gives people gifts - which can include the gift of healing, but

    it's only possible when you are doing God's will.

    He is not a "Genie-for-Hire" hanging around waiting to follow YOUR will.

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    Oh yes i prayed for a sign at to a particular question in my mind, i didnt expect to see a literal supernatural sign!!! BUT I DID!

    i would post what i saw, but no point. People are naturaly skeptical anyway.

    But dont think god would give you cancer

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    God understands your wish to spare someone else the suffering of cancer. The reason for no signs is because we can't get God to do things our own way if it hurts us. A baby may cry and cry because it wants to play with fire. But a loving mother or father will not please that desire to experience the wonder of doing it. What you can do is offer yourself and your life to God's will and perfect plan for your life. It may be that God wants you here to be able to be a friend for someone lonely with cancer. Turn your good intention to serve their needs while alive instead of giving some part of your body which will not be experienced as love but only as a useful organ.

    Your idea about God giving cancer to some child is a false image of God who is all perfect Love and mercy. Do you think God gives you a cold virus when you catch one when those are floating around?

    Do you want God to do your will or his perfect will for you? Most people want God to do their own will please instead of the wisdom of asking for God's will which is a better good .

    You can be praying for the children so afflicted that they get the grace and compassion of God needed to get through it one way or the other. Jesus said, The kingdom of God belongs to such as these. Pray God give them the good thinking they need for enduring it and healings too. Think of good surprises you can make for kids with cancer to brighten their hearts in being cared for. Our Lord Jesus Christ has healed a number of persons with terminal cancer when I prayed including a 10 month old girl of a single mother in India with it whose skin looked like she was 100 years old.Quietly whimpering for hours too weak to cry. Her forearms were only as thick as my thumb.When I saw her 10 days later her mother's eyes were glistening with joy. Her baby became completely normal and healthy. Her baby looked deep into my eyes into my heart for three minutes not blinking.

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    You're a very thoughtful person, and you can be very proud of that.

    But sadly, no, there will be no signs. You might get cancer one day, but that's just the luck of the draw, same as for everybody else.

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    Yes; and it might not be him listening to you it's Oh the Rose of Jennifer doesn't come out on Amazon till mid Dec. You question and others WILL be answered.

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    It's this simple, kid: GOD IS IMAGINARY.

    Stop wasting your time and actually do something.

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