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How to get from valensole to Etretat?

what is the easiest and cheapest way to get from Valensole to etretat?

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  • Tin
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    7 years ago
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    See a map of France, Valensole is quite far from Etretat and there are no train stations in those towns.

    You'll need a cab or car to go from Valensole to Manosque, then a train to Marseille, then a train from Marseille to Paris. You'll arrive to Paris Gare de Lyon train station and need to go to Gare Saint Lazare train station : take the tube, line 14, towards St Lazare and get off at the terminus. Take a train to Le Havre, then, bus 24 to Etretat.

    Instead of going to Le Havre, you could take a train to Fecamp and then a bus to Etretat but I don't see the advantage on doing this.

    Count around 10 hours to arrive to Etretat and around 150€, one way.

    Contact the tourist office of Etretat for detailed information.

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