What are these actors' best movies?

I just to see some good movies so please recommend the best (in ur opinion) movies of these actors:

Kate Winslet

Robert Downey Jr

Jim Broadbent

Jude Law

Ewan Mcgregor

Halle Berry

Will Smith

Liam Neeson

Morgan Freeman

Bill Cosby

Lindsay Lohan (lol I know it'll be hard to pick a best movie of hers, amiright?)

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  • Alina
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    7 years ago
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    Pretty random list of actors I say:

    Kate Winslet --Titanic --hands down it was her best ever

    Robert Downey Jr -- Less than Zero. He played that character from experience

    Jim Broadbent -- Gangs of New York. Character fit him well

    Jude Law-- A.I Artificial Intelligance. Who thought of being a Gigolo Robot, nice.

    Ewan Mcgregor --Star Wars. A young Obi One

    Halle Berry -- X-Men playing Storm.

    Will Smith --The Pursuite of Happiness

    Liam Neeson --Schindlers List don't think he can ever top that movie.

    Morgan Freeman-- Shawshank Redemption

    Bill Cosby --Bill Cosby Himself...love his stand-up comedy show

    Lindsay Lohan--Parent Trap before she grew up and gave up on herself

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Kate Winslet> Titanic

    Robert Downey Jr >Kiss Kiss Bang Bang or Charlie

    Jim Broadbent> hmm I liked cloud atlas a lot but Gangs of New York

    Jude Law> Impossible to answer but if I had to say either AI or Road to Predition

    Ewan Mcgregor>Trainspotting (obviously)

    Halle Berry >ahh Cloud Atlas

    Will Smith> Men In Black maybe

    Liam Neeson > easy Shindlers List

    Morgan Freeman>Se7en

    Bill Cosby>umm his show

    Lindsay Lohan> Mean Girls

    This was really hard!!

  • 7 years ago

    Kate; The Reader or Revolutionary Road.

    Robert: Chaplin

    Jim: Iris

    Jude: Perdition Road

    Ewan: Moulin Rouge!

    Halle: Monsters Ball

    Will Smith: Purist of Happyness

    Liam Neeson: Schindler's List

    Morgan Freeman: What role isn't his best? Lol. Shawshank Redemption would be my vote

    Bill Cosby: The Cosby Show

    Lindsey Lohan: Mean Girls or Parent Trap

  • 7 years ago

    Winslet - I only know Titanic :(

    Downey Jr. - Iron Man & Zodiac

    Broadbent - Gangs of New York & Robots

    Law - Road to Perdition & Artificial Intelligence

    McGregor - Star Wars & Black Hawk Down

    Berry - Perfect Stranger

    Smith - i Robot

    Freeman - Shawshank Redemption

    Cosby - Let's Do it Again

    Lohan - I've only seen Freaky Friday.

    I didn't see Neeson's name,...Schindler's List, of course.

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