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Is there any type of Martial Arts invented by non-Asians?

Like Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu it was invented by Brazilians but they took many elements from Asians. It's just Jiu Jitsu with a few Brazilian elements taken from it. Is there any martial arts from Black Africans or Arabs? Is there any Martial Arts invented from whites. Don't say Boxing or Wrestling because they are so primitive even a person from the jungles knows how to wrestle.


What racism? I'm interested. How is curiosity a sign of stupidity? I want to know if there's any Arabic Martial Arts or African martial arts or European Martial Arts etc.

Update 2:


Istunka is Somali. lol. All the ones you listed are African. Savate is European. Is there any Arabic Martial Arts?

Update 3:


Krav Maga is Israeli. lol. Very interesting.

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    African Martial Arts:

    *Surma Stickfighting (Ethiopia)

    *Moraingy (Madagascar)

    *Dambe (Nigeria)

    *Laamb Wrestling (Senegal)

    *Musangwe (South Africa)

    *Nguni Stick Fighting (South Africa)

    *Istunka (Somalia)

    *Nuba Fighting (Sudan)

    *Evala Wrestling (Togo)

    American Martial Arts:

    *Bajan Stick Licking (Barbados)

    *Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu & Gracie Jiu-Jitsu (Brazil)

    *Capoeira (Brazil)

    *Vale Tudo (Brazil)

    *Huka-huka (Brazil)

    *Okichitaw (Canada)

    *Defendo (Canada)

    *Wen-Do (Canada)

    *La Mano Negra/Manegra (Colombia)

    *El Juego de Maní (Cuba)

    *Bakom/Vacon (Peru)

    *Rumi Maki (Peru)

    *Calinda (Trinidad and Tobago)

    *American Karate (United States)

    *American Kenpo (United States)

    *Association for Renaissance Martial Arts / ARMA (United States)

    *Bojuka (United States)

    *Bok Fu (United States)

    *Bushi Ban (United States)

    *Close Quarters Combat (United States)

    *Chun Kuk Do (United States)

    *Collegiate Wrestling (United States)

    *Danzan-ryū (United States)

    *Emerson Combat Systems (United States)

    *Gaidojutsu (United States)

    *Gouging (United States)

    *Jailhouse Rock / 52 Hands Block / JHR (United States)

    *Jeet Kune Do (United States)

    *Kajukenbo (United States)

    *Marine Corps Martial Arts Program (United States)

    *Model Mugging (United States)

    *Modern Army Combatives (United States)

    *Oom Yung Doe (United States)

    *S.C.A.R.S. (United States)

    *American Shootfighting (United States)

    *Sli Beatha (United States)

    *Small Circle Jujutsu (United States)

    *SPEAR System (United States)

    *World War II Combatives (United States)

    *El Juego del Garrote (Venezuela)

    South Asian Martial Arts:

    *Lathi Khela (Bangladesh)

    *Butthan (Bangladesh)

    *Gatka (India)

    *Inbuan Wrestling (India)

    *Kalaripayattu (India)

    *Malla-yuddha (India)

    *Mardani Khel (India)

    *Musti-yuddha (India)

    *Mukna (India)

    *Pehlwani (India)

    *Silambam (India)

    *Thang-ta (India)

    *Vajra-musti (India)

    *Sqay (Pakistan)

    *Angampora (Sri Lanka)

    *Cheena Di (Sri Lanka)

    Southeast Asian Martial Arts:

    *Bokator (Cambodia)

    *Kbachkun Boraan (Cambodia)

    *Kbachkun Dambong-veng (Cambodia)

    *Khmer Traditional Wrestling (Cambodia)

    *Pradal Serey (Cambodia)

    *Pencak Silat (Indonesia)

    **Bakti Negara

    **Perisai Diri

    *Kuntao (Indonesia)

    *Tarung Derajat (Indonesia)

    *Muay Lao (Laos)

    *Silat Melayu (Malaysia)

    **Lian Padukan

    **Seni Gayung Fatani

    **Seni Gayong

    *Tomoi (Malaysia)

    *Bando (Myanmar)

    *Banshay (Myanmar)

    *Lethwei (Myanmar)

    *Arnis / Eskrima / Kali (Philippines)

    *Buno (Philippines)

    *Kuntaw (Philippines)

    *Kino Mutai (Philippines)

    *Pananjakman (Philippines)

    *Panantukan (Philippines)

    *Sikaran (Philippines)

    *Yaw-Yan (Philippines)

    *Krabi-krabong (Thailand)

    *Lerdrit (Thailand)

    *Muay Boran (Thailand)

    *Muay Thai (Thailand)

    *Silat Pattani (Thailand)

    *Cuong Nhu (Vietnam)

    *Nhat Nam (Vietnam)

    *Vovinam (Vietnam)

    European Martial Arts:

    *Bare-knuckle Boxing, London Prize Ring rules (England)

    *Bartitsu (England)

    *Boxing, Marquess of Queensberry rules (England)

    *Defendu (England)

    *Quarterstaff (England)

    *Shin-kicking (England)

    *Singlestick (England)

    *Baton Francais (France)

    *French School of Fencing (France)

    *Kinomichi (France)

    *La Canne (France)

    *Savate (France)

    *German School of Fencing (Germany)

    *German Ju-Jutsu (Germany)

    *Kampfringen / Medieval Wrestling (Germany)

    *Unifight (Germany)

    *Pygmachia / Ancient Greek Boxing (Greece)

    *Pale / Ancient Greek Wrestling (Greece)

    *Pankration / Ancient Greek Hybrid Combat Sport (Greece)

    *Bataireacht (Ireland)

    *Bare-knuckle Boxing (Ireland)

    *Collar-and-Elbow (Ireland)

    *Italian School of Swordsmanship (Italy)

    *Nova Scrimia (Italy)

    *Jogo do Pau (Portugal)

    *Army Hand-to-Hand Fight (Russia)

    *Russian Fist Fighting (Russia)

    *Sambo (Russia)

    *Systema (Russia)

    *Dirk Dance (Scotland)

    *Historical Fencing (Scotland)

    *Scottish Backhold (Scotland)

    *Real Aikido (Serbia)

    *Odbrana (Serbia)

    *Canarian Wrestling (Spain)

    *Destreza (Spain)

    *Juego del Palo (Spain)

    *Keysi Fighting Method (Spain)

    *Combat Hopak (Ukraine)

    *Amateur Wrestling


    *Chess Boxing


    *Greco-Roman wrestling

    *Freestyle Fighting

    *Freestyle Wrestling

    *Mixed Martial Arts

    Near Eastern and Central Asian Martial Arts:

    *Nearu Self-Defence (Afghanistan)

    *Köräş / Kurash / Central Asian Folk Wrestling (Central Asia)

    *Tahtib / Egyptian Stick Fighting (Egypt)

    *Furusiyya / Mamluk Knightly Martial Exercises (Egypt)

    *Khridoli (Georgia)

    *Kung Fu To'a (Iran)

    *Razmafzar (Iran)

    *Varzesh-e Bastani / Pahlavani / Persian Wrestling (Iran)

    *Kapap (Israel)

    *Krav Maga (Israel)

    *Sayokan (Turkey)

    *Turkish Archery (Turkey)

    *Yağlı güreş / Oil Wrestling (Turkey)

    Oceanic Martial Arts:

    *Zen Do Kai (Australia)

    *Coreeda / Australian Wrestling (Australia)

    *Kapu Kuialua (Hawaii)

    *Mau Rakau (Maori)

    *Toa Ara (Maori)

    *Whare Tu Taua (Maori)

    Source(s): Countless martial arts have been developed by nearly every culture. This represents a partial list of martial arts that have developed outside of East Asia. I'd like to list more, but Yahoo! Answers won't let me add any more details.
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    Many parts of the world have martial arts that were created there. Here's some that come to mind:

    Capoeira, Krav Maga, Sambo, Savate, Singlestick, Keysi Fighting Method, Baritsu, Kapap, Kajukenbo, some styles of Kenpo.

    There are countless more. Martial arts come from everywhere.

    Source(s): 11 years martial arts
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    There is an endless list of martial arts that have not originated in Asia....

    Some of them are..........

    Ancient Pankration, Modern Pankration, Ancient Greek wrestling, several forms of Boxing, Free style and Greco-Roman Wrestling, Savate, Capoeira, Krav Maga, Sambo, Systema, Catch wrestling, Cumberland and Westmorland Wrestling, Scottish Backhold, Lancashire wrestling, Glíma, Gouren, Collar-and-elbow wrestling, Bartitsu, Canne de combat, the Keysi Fighting Method.........

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    i think pretty much most modern ma have bits and pieces of asian based ma in them.it depends what you mean by based?i suppose. you'd probably have to back to ye days of ye olde old knights to find a non asian based or intergrated ma.savate is asian,based as is mma,the one i'm not sure about though is crapiero,but i think if you researched it it would have something from asia in there.and theres boxing of course but how do you really define a country of origin?boxing was around long time before the marquis of queensbury? it depends how loose you want to be with the terms martial arts and origin or based?one i did forget is greco-roman wrestling which comes from greece. SAMBO is asian based.

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    Savate, Kickboxing, Boxing, Wrestling (Free Style, Greco Roman, Catch), Capoeira

    Note: Wrestling is not primitive. There's lots of complex throws. It's not just street brawling

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    I don't know why this matters but yes there is. Krav Maga, western boxing, sambo, savate, Burmese boxing, Silat, wrestling. Boxing and wrestling are thought to come from Greece and Egypt.

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    Contemporary Fighting Arts (CFA) United States

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    @Artist and Imperius Rex: I must respectfully correct you both.

    Kajukenbo was co-created by 5 young Asian men who are U.S. Army buddies in Hawaii. Sijo Adriano Emperado is Filipino/Chinese, GGM Peter Choo is Korean, Dai Shihan Joe Holke is Japanese, "Uncle" Frank Ordonez is Filipino and GGM Clarence Chang is Chinese.

    Sijo Emperado was the head of the Kajukenbo organization. The Kajukenbo community decided to not have a successor to Sijo Emperado. The official Kajukenbo organization, KSDI, Kajukenbo Self-Defense Institute is run by the BOA ( Board of Advisors ), a group of 9th Degree Black Belts. The BOA has members of all races.

    Danzan Ryu Jujitsu is a martial art created by Prof Henry Okazaki, who is of Japanese descent, for the purpose of street fighting in Hawaii. Dai Shihan Joe Holke and "Uncle" Frank Ordonez, two of the co-founders of Kajukenbo are trained in Danzan Ryu Jujitsu. Some techniques of Danzan Ryu Jujitsu went into the Kajukenbo repertoire of techniques.

    Source(s): Kajukenbo
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    BJJ comes from Japan, but the Japanese Jiu Jitsu guys learned from Catch Wrestlers (who are from England)

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    there are countless martial arts from every country, not all country's have them broken down into styles some of them are broken down by territories or regions. eurpoean sword arts are like that many were just broken down by country and not by style

    some styles are

    Sambo, Surma, Nguni, Istunka, Nuba, Laamb, Evala, Dambe, Musangwe, Moraingy, Bajan, Tinku, Baroque, Hopak


    there are several dozen middle eastern martial arts, i don't have them in my notes though.

    the middle eastern arts influenced, the indian martial arts as well as the chinese ones.

    china had trade routes with the middle east which is part of the development of kung fu as well as kung fu influenced the middle east arts. and its also one of the books that my dog got to and destroyed on me. i had very few books on the middle eastern arts and he got to it.

    more then likely you can google them i just dont have the time right now

    Source(s): 30+yrs ma
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