Sweet 16 party ideas?

I turn 16 on January 25th and I'm hoping to have some sort of sweet 16. I'm not like a party animal or a rich girl so it won't be anything too special, just something a little more significant than a regular birthday :)

Like I said, I am not rich by any means, but I usually have really good Christmas's because my parents always manage to make it happen x3 I've told them that I would prefer them not give me a big christmas because id feel guilty asking them for a sweet 16 party if theyve just spent nearly $400 on christmas :P

So heres the thing, i have no idea what to do for the party!! Im going to have 5-10 guests, and i actually want to avoid my house at all costs, because its small and boring. i was thinking maybe we rent a party bus, and we go to a place called "The Alley" (bowling alleys, go karts, pizza, games, etc) and that would include entertainment and dinner. but i was also thinking maybe we go to dinner at a restaurant and then do something separate for entertainment :o but i dont know what else id do.... my birthday is on a saturday, in winter, and i live in wichita, ks so there isnt a lot to do. but i was wondering if anyone had any ideas. what would we do for entertainment if i decide against the alley? what would we do when we get home?? Ive never really had a 'party' so im new to all of this xO I would like a LOT of random suggestions please!!!

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    A night at "The Alley" sounds good because it has a lot of options for your guests. Some people can do one thing, while others do another; no one will be bored. Here are some more options to think about, however:

    1. Movie Night: Go to your local movie theater and let each guest get popcorn/drink/candy. If the movie theater is at a mall, eat beforehand at a favorite restaurant or the food court.

    2. Indoor Mini-Golf: Most places (even malls) have indoor mini-golf, which would be great during the winter.

    3. Sledding/Ice Skating: Embrace the cold weather with sledding or a night at the ice skating rink. Afterwards, stop back at your house for hot chocolate, a movie, presents, and cake.

    4. Inflatables Venue: There are party venues that are filled with inflatables and bounce houses. You pay a flat fee and get to spend the evening running around an adult version of Chuck E. Cheese.

    5. Laser Tag/Paint Ball: For friends that will enjoy some first person shooter fun!

    Whatever you decide, make sure that if you go out as a group, you still have the same elements of a good party. Bring a cake with paper plates and disposable silverware and make sure you have some sort of favor to send home with guests (boxed candy or cookies would be a good choice). It would also be fun to pass out wearables to guests so that you look like a cohesive group. Glow in the dark jewelry, funny hats, or matching tshirts all work well.

    Happy birthday! And make sure to check out some of our other Sweet 16 parties for some more ideas:

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    Source(s): Party Planner with over 25 years experience, President of Party411.com http://www.party411.com/PlanYourParty/Occasion/Bir...
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      Very good suggestions :3 thank you very much ^U^

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