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事情是這樣的,我要作一篇persuasive speech,要help classmates get high marks in school.

我是這樣作以下,可以幫我看看這樣是persuasive,可以說using motivational strategies 嗎?:

Today I am going to persuade you using motivational strategies to help yourself stay positive and make revision easier.At the beginning of the semester my goal was change my motivation of learning style.During this semester,I found a easy way to improve motivation of learning which really helped me to be more concentrate on learning and developing a good study habits.Now I want to persuade you to use this method to get high marks.


以下是我作main point

1.) Lack of motivation in learning is a serious problem affect your study.

2.)To solve this problem you can using motivational strategies to improve your study habits

3.)This solution will help you to stay more positive in learning and make revisionmore esaily.

Update 2:

我老師必須要我們跟(它必須要做Problem.Solution.benefits的作):這格式作但這篇speech要求每個main point的內容必須包含三個自己個人經驗的例子可作)./和引證資料(但是我想不到怎找引證之類的東西,不知怎做.老師做了一個例子但我還是不明白,可以再幫幫我作嗎?感激萬分

Update 3:

他是這樣寫的mainpoint1)interruptions are the silent thief stealing your time little by little.

a.One day I was studying and my friends interrupted me because they wantes to play...

b.I did some research and found statistics in a website called...

c.In his autobiography einstein once said...

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    你唔應該咁直接話 「要 persuade 人哋」,人哋一聽到你咁講一定唔會比你 persuade 到。一開頭軟性啲,話「自己同大家一樣想讀好啲書,最近搵到個 strategy 好有用,想同大家分享一下」之類。

    啲個人例子你作下就得啦,只要描寫得精彩一啲就 ok;引證都係不外乎啲 survey result、research、著名例子等等。


    先用個人例子帶出你嘅 problem,然後話你自己點解決,最後用啲引證嚟 support 話自己嘅解決方法係有效、值得一試。

    又或者你一開頭用啲引證帶出一個 solution,然後用個人例子講依個 solution 點幫你、點 work,最後又話值得一試。

    Conclusion 寫「依啲係我嘅推薦,希望你哋能夠用到,願我哋學業進步。」


    每句唔好太長(20 字以上),因為依個係 speech,要方便講出嚟。

    文法建議最好再 proofread 一下。

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    就算唔係 speech,係一篇 article 嘅話,句子都唔好太長,要方便人哋消化內容。

    2013-11-10 01:11:43 補充:

    話說,我覺得你只係寫咗一個 main point,你而家係將「motivational strategies 嘅 problem、solution、benefit 當成 3 個 point」,但你老師應該係認為「motivational strategies 嘅 problem、solution、benefit 加埋先當 1 個 main point」,換句話說,就係你要諗多除 motivational strategies 之外嘅 2 個 main point,如 time management 等。

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    -------On the three main points:-----(

    (1)Problem:-Motivation strategies use when lacking of study habit--on environment; Soln:-Stay positive/revise easier in studies; Benefit :-To know the environment

    (2)Time management:-3 yr or 4 yrs:-Studies coming along; Soln:-getting allowance; feasibility of the pilot scheme; benefit to write the theise for the university

    (3)Subject combination feasibility; soln:-a careful consideration eg:_Chi+Tech/ Bio+Maths; hugh/massive studies; statistic website used; Benefit is to improve study skill efficiently with a detailed study effected.

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