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Please Help me for English Class! I beg you! Answer the questions a and b please!?

Name of the Novel -> Fair Weather by Richard Peck

Summary of the book ->

Rosie Beckett lives a simple life on her family’s farm in Illinois with her parents, sister

Lottie, brother Buster, and Grandad Fuller. One day a letter from their Aunt Euterpe in

Chicago arrives, inviting the Becketts to visit Chicago to see the World’s Columbian

Exposition of 1893. To the Beckett children, for whom a trip to town in a horse-drawn

wagon is quite exciting, a train ride to Chicago to see the famous World’s Fair promises

to be the biggest adventure of their lives. The Beckett clan is awed and thrilled by the big

city: They see skyscrapers, ride on a Ferris wheel, meet Buffalo Bill, and watch “moving

pictures” for the first time. In Chicago, the lives of Rosie, Lottie, Buster, and Grandad

(who surprised the children by joining them) are enlivened forever as they experience the

fair and city life for the first time. For lonely, widowed Euterpe the boisterous presence

of her relatives turns her life upside down and encourages her to put away her mourning

clothes and make new friends.

a) What is the theme of this story?

b) Why does the story fit the title?

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    a. rejuvenation/redemption

    b. the transformation from Illinois to Chicago seems to bring about an environment that is favorable to all parties

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    u can do it..... its ur hw?!!!!!

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