Why do the majority of Caucasians only hang out with & acknowledge other Caucasians in Center City Phila ?

I am a Philadelphia native and I have gone downtown a few times. I often see a lot of Caucasian people downtown while shopping and relaxing. I noticed that every time I go downtown and I speak to Caucasians, they ignore me, look at me with a pathetic face, or simply speed up walking .I just want to make this clear that I compliment everyone I think looks nice. I COMPLIMENT EVERYONE AND I AM NOT SELECTIVE IN WHO I CHOOSE TO COMPLIMENT. I AM NOT TRYING TO BE RACIST AND AM NOT RACIST. I JUST AM SPEAKING FROM MY EXPERIENCES. I am the type of person who gives compliments to people when they look nice . I speak and say hello to people. I don't come up to people in a negative way. These people also don't have headphones and I know that they hear me. These same people also give me shocked , appalled looks when I walk into certain stores (such as VS, Sephora, MAC, Swarovski, GAP, Banana Republic, and LUSHCosmetics) as if I am not supposed to be going into that store, or shouldn't be able to buy my products from those stores. I am wondering why they ignore me. I have no idea why people are so mean especially when I am being nice. I also tend to notice that downtown I rarely see diverse interactions in ethnic groups unless you see the occasional Black/White, Asian/White, Indian and other races that are in interracial relationships. Again, why do people act like this ??

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    Philly is a hypersegregated city... most people befriend those who they go to school with, live near, play on the same sports teams (which are generally community or school teams), etc.

    Here is a "race map" of Philly:

    Blue: Black

    Red: White

    Orange: Latino (ethnic)

    Green: Asian

    So the fact is, Philly isn't integrated... neither is Chicago... neither are something like 30 big American cities. They might be "diverse" statistically speaking, but really, they ain't integrated. And that is called hyper -segregation.

    Where I live the city is much more integrated... what isn't common to you (interracial dating and interracial groups of friends), is very common here... so it's not, "why do people act like this", it's just like I said above who most people befriend, and your city is not integrated.

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    I live In South Philly. i would not say we are as segregated as Chicago. Although places like West & North Philly are mostly Black in the other areas of the city you find all different ethnicities living together. there are lots of Asian people all over the city. I'm sorry folks are rude to you in Center City.

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