Fantasy Football - Is it safe?

My team

QB - Colin Kaep, Andrew Luck

WR: Danny Amendola (Bye), Percy Harvin (Out), Roddy White, Harry Douglas, Steve Smith, Denarius Moore

RB: Jamaal Charles (Bye), Danny Woodhead, Demarco Murray

TE: Jordan Reed

Kicker: Steven H (Seattle)

Def: Tennessee

I would like one more running back on my team. Shave Vereen is still on Waivers.

Is it safe to drop either: Harry Douglas, Steve Smith or Denarius Moore for Vereen and still be strong for this week (week 10).

Also on Waivers for Wide Receiver is Kendell Wright.

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  • 7 years ago
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    I do not know if you necessarily need another RB in your lineup as you have 3 solid RB's in Charles, Woodhead, and Murrary. However, since Charles is on bye this week and Murray is one bye next week, it may be good to pick up another RB in case someone is out for this week or next. However, I am not sure Vereen is the best choice as he is still out this week...he is still a good add, but you may want to see if there is another RB that is active for this week and next to make sure you have yourself covered...but regardless of what RB it is, you have to get rid of someone.

    So now the question is who to get rid of...

    -Amendola had a good last week and should be good as he continues to come off his injury and get in the routine again

    -Harvin is a little risky as you don't know when he will be coming back...however he should be a great addition to your team during tournament time...the key word is "should", hopefully he will be as good as new, but don't get your hopes up too high as he could easily become injured again soon after his return or just not be as explosive as before

    -Roddy White has been a disaster this season and am glad he took a few weeks off to fully recover. However, from everything I have seen so far, he is not a dependable guy and his high ankle sprain has severely decreased his value as he is not as explosive and wasn't even targeted all that much when he was playing early season. I want to say he will be better once he returns...but I am doubting it.

    -Harry Douglas has proven to be an excellent receiver and can make big plays. While teams have been double covering Gonzalez, Douglas has been able to take advantage of the open field. Matt Ryan has been struggling lately but I think Douglas will continue to be his #1 trusted receiver...even when Roddy White comes back.

    -Steve Smith is consistent and solid. Averaging around 4 or 5 receptions a game, he is extremely consistent and always a safe bet...but does not have very explosive weeks. So he is definitely more WR2 to flex for me (if you are in a PPR league, his value is increased)

    -Denarius Moore is the leader in targers with Pryor in as QB...while Pryor isn't a QB1 and doesn't throw a ton, he is still the receiver of choice there.

    So out of those options, I would say you should probably get rid of A) Roddy White or B) Percy Harvin. I'd highly suggest Roddy White over Harvin, but if you like White, you can get rid of Harvin. Roddy has been inconsistent, hurt, and not targetted nearly as much as everyone thought he would be...but people still hope he returns to his old self, but I have seen no signs of that. So you could be waiting a few weeks for him to integrate himself back into the offense and get healthy.....OR you can wait on Harvin to get healthy and hopefully not have any more setbacks. Seatle averages just over 200 passing yards a yes, Harvin would get a decent amount of that, there are other WRs who get just as therefore waiting on him to recover may not be worth it and you can take the risk on Vereen instead.

    So that is what I would do...drop White...but if you are attached to him, drop Harvin. Or trade one of them for an RB on another team. A lot of people have strong belief in White and high hopes for Harvin, so you could probably trade them for a decent RB. It is unknown what Vereen's position will be in NE...Ridley has really taken over the starting position and Vereen will try to share some snaps or at least get the goal line carries. He should be valuable, but not as valueable as your other RBs, at least at the start. I'd suggest trying to trade for another RB2's like Ryan Matthews, Ivory, etc. After bye weeks, there is no reason to have 4 RB1's because you have all your spots filled - so focus on getting a back up for week 10 and week 11.

    hope that helps! (sorry it was so long)

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