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請幫我翻譯以下為英文, 要報告給上司知道

而家只係洗左7部冷氣機, 其中兩部(近窗口位置), 由於工作台是玻璃的, 維持人員無法踩上去清洗冷氣機, 如要洗必須把台搬開

另一部在會議室1, 由於公司招牌頂住, 要把招牌拆下才可清洗

另一部在會議室2, 由天花內太多風口及水喉, 無法清洗

最後, 你坐位上的冷氣機巳壞了不能用, 經常滴水的原因是因為, 光管位把去水喉頂高了, 無法去水, 水便積聚起來, 亦由於裝修關係, 天花板無法移開完全檢查裡面情況,

如果要更換的話, 接待處問口位置及你坐位上的冷氣機會再報價給你,

由於維持公司只洗了7部冷氣機, 他們會重新再開invoice給你

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    Currently, only seven air conditioners have been cleaned.

    Of the remaining uncleaned air conditioners, two near the window can be cleaned only if the glass working platform is removed, since the maintenance staff could not step on it to clean them.

    The air conditioner in seminar room 1 can only be cleaned after our company's signboard immediately above it is taken down.

    Another one in seminar room 2, unfortunately, cannot be cleaned because there are too many ventilation vents and water pipes in the ceiling.

    Lastly, the one over your seat has been out of order and can no longer be used. Water keeps dripping from it because the lamp tube made the position of the water pipe higher than normal, making water unable to run through the pipe, hence accumulating there and resulting in the dripping. Due to the renovation taking place, the ceiling could not be removed fully to inspect the interior.

    Quotes of the replacement of the air conditioners at the reception and over your seat will be sent to you again, in case replacement is needed.

    The maintenance company would send you a new invoice as only seven air conditioners were cleaned.

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    There are only seven air-conditioners are operationalcurrently. The platforms of two of them closeto the window are made of glass which makes the maintenance staff unable tostep on for cleaning. If there is a needfor cleaning, then the platform must be removed.Another one is located inside the conference room #1. We have to remove the sign before cleaning.Another one is located inside conference room #2. We are unable to clean it due to the factthat that there are too many water-pipes attached to it.Finally, the air-conditioner at your desk is not functionalneither. The reason for its frequentleaking is the fluorescent tubes obstruct the water-pipe which contributes tothe water accumulation. Moreover, theceiling cannot be removed due to maintenance. Thus we are unable to inspect thoroughly about its condition.If you desire a replacement for the air-conditioner at your desk,please inquire at the reception counter and they will provide you with aquotation.Since the maintenance company had cleaned seven air-conditionersfor us, they will re-issue you the invoice.

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    Just wash the left 7, air-conditioners, of which two (near window position), because work is the glass, peacekeepers cannot be stepped up cleansing conditioner, washing must be removed

    Another in Conference Room 1, as companies sign stand up to them, to remove the signs can be cleaned

    Other meeting room 2, by too much draught and the tap of the smallpox, cannot be cleaned

    Finally, your air-conditioner broke down on a seat is not available, frequent drops because, light tube top hose, unable to go to water, water was broken up due to renovation, move your ceiling could not be completely checked,

    If you are replacing, asked in reception location and air-conditioning the opportunity to quote on your seats for you,

    As the company is only washed 7 air-conditioners, they have another invoice for you

    I hope L can help you

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    Now only Department wash left 7 Department air-conditioning machine. Which two Department (near window location).Due to work Taiwan is glass of.maintained

    personnel cannot stepped on up cleaning air-conditioning machine. As to wash

    must to Taiwan moved open other one in Conference Room 1, due to company

    signs withstood.To signs removed Xia only can cleaning other one in

    Conference Room 2. By smallpox within too more outlet and the water throat.Cannot cleaning last, you seat Shang of air-conditioning machine filed bad has

    cannot with.often drop of reasons is because light tube who to to water throat top high has, cannot to water, water will accumulated up.Due to renovation.

    unable to move entirely check inside the ceiling.if you want to change.Then, ask at the reception location and cooling the opportunity to quote you on your seat,

    as the company is only washed 7 air-conditioners, they have another invoice for


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