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英文作文訂正 謝謝前輩們!

Bullying in my perception include many kinds, such as language,force,even racial

discrimination, it was happening in the all of the world.

Bully usually peak the most weak ones to bullying, they want to through this behavior to

control anying they want.

As a parents, they should know they have responsibility of molding their child's mentle

health, we can tell most bully have some problem with their mentle, even to feel inferior

If we want to know why have the bully, we should to observe their family and their homeschooling

, that maybe we'll to realize what's going on of bull's mind.

Except the parents and the bully-self, we should to teach everyone how to fight with

bully, if we don't want to be next sufferer of bullying, we should help sufferer in no

time.Don't be apathy about this.

本身文法很糟 讓大家傷眼了@@ 抱歉


Bully usually peak

打錯了 是pick...

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    你的單字用的很多而且還不錯,就是文法很像中文的語法... ~"~a



    Bullying in my option includes many kinds, such as verbal, physical, even racial (這句也可以改成 such as of words, of body, even of race單字比較沒有複雜) and bullying can be discovered any corner of the world.


    If we really want to understand what's going on in a bully's mind, we should observe the bully's family and home education. Parents should know their responsibility to be the role model for their children's mental health.

    Bullies usually pick the weakest ones, to control and do everything they want to. It's easy to tell that they feel themselves inferior.

    Bullying is a problem that we all need to pay close attention to, it's not just the problem to bullies and their sufferers.


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