Anybody seen any of WBA Featherweight Champion Nicholas Walters fights or know who Nicholas Walters is?

BQ:] I'm attending the Top Rank Boxing Triple Main Event this Saturday

night November 9th being shown live on HBO. I got ringside seats front

row B, center full view of the ring because that's how I roll. One of these

fights being featured on the untelevised undercard is Nicholas Walters is

the current WBA World Featherweight Champion they call him the "AXE

MAN" he's (22-0) with 18 KO's he's taking on Alberto Garza. I know TRB

does sometimes stream these undercard fights on their website a good

example of that would be Jayson Velez v Dat Nyguen if you haven't seen

definitely check that fight out on Youtube that fight was just sick anyone

in the boxing section seen any of Nicholas Walter's recent boxing fights?

Undefeated Light Heavyweight prospect Mike Lee was going to be part of

the undercard in a 6 Rounder however, that got scratched off of that card.


What's up bro? Yeah I had a GREAT time. I was in the 2nd Row

ringside, right in front of me was Mr. Bob Arum himself in the first

row and boxing legends in the house "Big" George Foreman, Roy

Jones Jr. and Julio Cesar Chavez Sr. Also, some other fighters in

the crowd Juan Manuel Lopez, Juan Diaz, Bryan Vera and George

Foreman III. I actually sat in back of the Top Rank ring girls and you

could say I had the best seat in the venue every time they bent over

right in front of me to get in the ring after each round that was worth

the price of of admission a little over $200 for ringside center not bad

I got my money's worth, I sat next Abner Mares manager his name's

Frank Espinoza he was there representing another one of his boxers

under contract Oscar Valdez a young promising Top Rank prospect. I

read an article they might match up Donaire w/ Nic Walters next year.

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  • 6 years ago
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    I had no idea who he was before last night. I saw the fight though on TR's stream, he looked really good IMO and drilled that poor soul he was fighting.

    Sorry I didn't see this question before bro, I couldn't have told you much though anyway.

    You have fun at the fights? Was a good card I thought, Donaire looked like sh*t but it made for a more competitive and entertaining fight.

    I would've got wasted, hit on the sexy TR girls, and then proceeded to get all of their numbers and have them fighting over me (*cough* or got shot down completely, but whatever). That's just me though, I'm a ladies man.

    I always thought the Corona girls were the hottest, but I definitely think those fine TR b*tches have started their reign as being the most attractive eye candy at fights.

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