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What Was Farm Like In The 1960s?

I just need an idea. To narrow it down even more, it would be in the United States.

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    It kind-of depends on how many acres, what they are doing and so on.

    I was employed working on a huge farm in Iowa, it was my first time even though I came from what I thought was a farm in Illinois.

    The term farm - well anyway I was spending all hours (from sunup to sundown and then sum working), it never ends.

    Sleeping is just a brief respite from working - even people who work 8 hours a day and maybe have even 2 hour drive do not have to spend every waking hour working.

    The only people that I have ever seen do that are truckers. Working on a farm - is a full time and then some job that never ends.

    good question

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    The concern was justified. Farming in the 1950s and 60s had serious challenges, and millions of farmers left for jobs in town or the city.

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