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I had a weird dream about a motorcycle?

I went around my house and my dad asked which motorcycle? And I told him zx6r, and it magically appeared. I hopped on, then hopped off. I put it in the garage and stared at it, my brothers came in to compliment the bike, then I beat him up, then I woke up. I don't even like motorcycles?

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    To see or ride a motorcycle in your dream symbolizes your desire for freedom and need for adventure. You may be trying to escape from some situation or some other responsibility in your waking life. Alternatively, a motorcycle is symbolic of raw sexuality. Perhaps you are moving too fast.

    To see or be in a motorcycle chase in your dream implies that you are avoiding your responsibilities.

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    This could be just a dream, or you could be representing a close friend or relative that really loves motorcycles and may get one for Christmas. That is interesting that you beat your brother up…most likely, you were probably representing someone else who does not have a good relationship with their siblings.

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