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Can you guys think of more freakishly fast Latino boxers yahoo answers?

I know Salvador Sanchez, Wilfredo Benitez and maybe Ricardo Lopez were very fast but NONE of the Latino boxers that I've seen and heard of ever come close to Hector "Macho" Camacho Sr in hand speed and lateral movement. Camacho may as well be the only Latino boxer that's in the class of Roy Jones Jr, Meldrick Taylor, Muhammad Ali, etc. in terms of speed, agility and overall slickness since that majority of Latino boxers(Especially Mexican boxers) are known for aggression, toughness and power.

Can you guys think of any super fast Latino boxers that I may have never heard of?

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  • Alkhal
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    6 years ago
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    U know today u have some fast mexican boxers, Juan Francisco Estrada and Luis Santa Cruz. Mikey Garcia's speed isnt bad and so is Andy Ruiz Jr

    BTW wasnt PR's Ivan Calderon freakishly fast

  • Ray
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    6 years ago

    Camacho? LOL ROFL

    I'm Puerto Rican and we love Camacho but he isn't in the class of guys like Wilfredo Benitez. Camacho whopped an old Leonard and then lost to Chavez.

    Want to see a fast latino boxer? Watch Duran at lightweight. Duran was a monster in lightweight, most experts think he was the greatest p4p boxer the last 30 years.

    Sure; he lost to Leonard, but he also whopped Leonard when he was in shape and people forget but Duran was beat goods by the time he got to welterweight [had 72 wins 1 loss pro record by then].

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    1. Hector comacho

    2. niccolino locche

    3. wilfred benitez

    4. salvador sanchez

    5. Eusebio pedoza

    6. Ricardo lopez

    7. Carlos zarale

    8. Tito trinidad

    9. Roberto duran

    10. Julio caesar chavez sr.

    11. Erik morales

    12. Marco antonio barrera

    13. Miguel Canto

    14. Luis manuel rodriguez

    15. Prime Oscar dela hoya

    16. Jose napolez

    17. Juan marquez

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    No Latino fighter that I have seen comes close to a prime Macho Camacho, as far as handspeed and just being overall fast and elusive. He was a truly gifted fighter, I would have liked to have seen the guy just stay clean and not party as much and give a little more dedication to the sport, he would have been a ATG no doubt in my mind.

    Just watch Bazooka Limon vs Camacho. It looks like Macho is fighting in fast forward and Limon is going at normal speed.

    People who disagree most likely never watched any of his early fights from the 80s, before he just partied his carreer away. The guy was crafty, fast and elusive to go along with his insane speed.

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  • teodor
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    6 years ago

    Ivan Calderon was very quick and agile, too in his prime and was a very good defensive master boxer.

    Have you not seen Guillermo Rigondeux, Erislandy Lara, Richar Abril and Miguel Vasquez in action ?

  • 6 years ago

    Probably Oscar De La Hoya watch his fight with Trinidad and you will see what I mean

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