Serious question about social security disability benefits?

I am currently a stay at home mom who babysits out of my house for extra income. I am getting to a place where I am going to have to lay down the babysitting jobs (as they don't pay enough / are not consistent enough) and look for an actual full-time job. Problem is, ever since I had my 2 children, I have developed hand dermatitis (eczema) and IBS. This has caused me great concern and anxiety lately because I am starting to think about what kind of jobs I can actually do. I know I wouldn't be able to do anything in food service or any job where I would have to wear gloves or wash my hands frequently as this causes my eczema to flare up worse. I often break out in rashes; my skin breaks open and oozes or bleeds, etc. Also I get extreme pain, cramping, bloating and nausea several times a month with my IBS.

I have started to look into social security disability benefits and found that both of these conditions can potentially be covered. Problem is I don't know anything about this type of thing. Also, I was concerned about the stigma that goes along with something like this. I am NOT a lazy person by any standard and the idea of not working when both my children are in school makes me feel a little sad and I get bored just thinking about it! Lol! (I just wanted to get that fact out of the way incase anyone wants to question my motives).

So overall, my questions are: What kind of job could I realistically get with these medical conditions? Is there a stigma with SSDI that is similar to food stamps or other well-fare type benefits? What is the likeliness that I could even get the benefits for these reasons? Thanks ahead of time for your advice and time!!!


Thank you for the ideas so far. I want to add though that I am "supposed" to use my steroid eczema medication several times a day to make it effective. This means I have to put socks or cotton gloves on and let it work for a while. I wouldn't really be able to do this while working. Also, I have found no relief for my IBS. I am uncomfortable most days and have not found reliable treatment. (I also eat healthy - plenty of fiber). I want to also add, I know HOW to work. I have held various jobs including working with people with disabilities, working at a daycare / preschool, working in the county courthouse as a secretary, catering,...but all these were before my pregnancies.

Update 2:

@Judith, thanks so much for the information! I want you do know that I don't even really want to receive the benefits, but I am just worried about finding a job with these conditions. I am almost 30. I worked from the time I was 15 (see above additional details for my previous job experience). I do not claim my babysitting as I don't get paid much, and most of it is more like reimbursement pay because I buy all the food, supplies, etc. But, I am on my village council and believe I pay taxes for that...

Update 3:

@mommanuke, I don't really know about the fingerless gloves for typing. I could definitely consider it. I have to put the medication on my fingers as well and I cannot use plastic gloves, but I could look into fingerless cotton gloves. Not sure if that will work out.

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    Have you been claiming your babysitting income as self-employment income on your federal tax return and paying social security taxes? If you haven't then you probably won't have the credits needed to get SSDI. You don't say how old you are so I can't tell you how many credits you must have in order to be insured for social security disability but if you haven't been paying social security taxes long enough you can't receive a social security disability benefit. People who get social security benefits must have worked and paid social security taxes for a certain period of time depending upon their age and the type of benefit they are filing for (for example someone filing for retirement must have 40 quarters of coverage - no one can earn more than 4 qtrs. of coverage a year). See about insured status.

    If you are earning $1040 a month or more (whether you claim your income or not) social security will not make a medical decision. Earnings of $1040 a month or more are considered to be substantial and gainful work activity and would make a person ineligible for disability. Anyone who files who is earning at least $1040 will have their claim denied on the basis that they are gainfully employed.

    The statement that social security shops around until they find a doctor who will state that you can work is ludicrous. Social Security obtains YOUR doctor's records. Social Security does not routinely set up consultative exams and when they do it is with a doctor who works in the community - the doctor is not a social security doctor and he isn't asked for his opinion regarding your disability and neither are any of your doctors. They do not know social security's criteria for entitlement. The only time social security sets up a consultative exam is if they can't get the medical records from your sources or the records don't contain the information needed to make a decision.

    In order to get disability a person must have a medically determinable physical or mental problems which is so severely disabling that they are incapable of working and earning $1040 a month in ANY type of work activity (which includes desk work) AND the severity must be expected to prevent a person from working for at least 12 full months. Social Security also takes into account a person's age, education and past work experience in making the decision which is why doctors do not make the decision. It is made by a social security employee trained to evaluate the evidence against social security's criteria.

    That being said - if you aren't insured for SSDI there is the SSI program. SSI stands for supplemental security income; it is the federal welfare program. The definition of disability is the same as that for SSDI. Because it is a welfare program social security considers your income and resources along with that of your husband in determining eligibility. SSI doesn't count the value of the home you live in nor one motor vehicle but it does count the full value of a 2nd motor vehicle or property you own elsewhere. A single person is allowed resources/assets up to $2000; a married person - $3000.

    If you are not working and earning $1040 a month you can call 1-800-772-1213 and make an appointment to file either over the phone or in the office for SSI. If you wish to file for SSDI you can do so online at (can't file for SSI online).

    Source(s): I was a social security claims rep for 32 years.
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    Source(s): Free Disability Benefits Evaluation -
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    Source(s): Eczema Remedy
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    I am 58,

    I had a stroke in Dec of 2012. I worked another8 months but it finally caught up with me; I was let go because it was "slow". I think the truth is, I was slow. No balance, was afraid to drive because it screwed up my depth perception and my sight for that matter. I have a couple of blind spots that are aggravating. I thought I had planned ahead. I kept looking for jobs, not in my field of carpentry, but any jobs. Got a couple too. But was fired within a month on one and only lasted a week on another. I filed 2 months ago

    realizing I was really screwed up(didn't want to admit it) I realize now that the average time to wait for ssdi now is much longer than that. I paid into this for 39 yrs. Now when I call they don't even give me advice on what to do. Not that I want food stamps, or a roof over my head, which by the way, I am losing in a week.

    I never thought about it before, but we have no respect for seniors. I am not sure what to do. I would take a whole months worth of heart medication to bring on a heart attack, but I cant afford my meds anymore. I would drive my car into a bridge pillar, but its outta gas. I;m just at a loss.

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    Stigmas for programs like this are in the eye of the beholder. If you don't care about them, they have no power over you.

    If you need the disability, go ahead and apply, although it will be difficult. The first thing they do is doctor shop to find one that will say you could still work, so you will have to go through appeals if you ever hope to get it.

    I don't see why you couldn't get any job that keeps you out of the public eye. The first thing that comes to mind is dispatching calls, either for cabs or 911 calls or something like that. There is also warehouse work, pulling parts at repair shops, or any of the call center type jobs like trouble or info calls for businesses like banks, IT companies, etc. Just look through the want ads.

    Also, when I had fibromyalgia keeping me from working, I went to the state rehabilitation department here in Texas. They declared me disabled for their purposes and I was able to get some therapy my insurance company wouldn't pay for. They would have trained me for something also. So you should try that and get some help for your eczema and possibly some job training that would help you get a job.

    Good luck!

    Edit: To Judith, yes, they do shop around. Otherwise, why did they ignore my doctor's records and send me to an 80-year-old doctor who not only didn't believe in fibromyalgia but didn't believe in IBS either?

    Chickie, aren't there fingerless gloves you could wear with the lotion on so you could still type?

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    Social Security Disability Guide :

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    How can i tell if i am getting all the social security disablility benefits i can?

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