Dont know what to do with myself...dont want a future?

I am 20 years old a junior in college. I love school. I love my new major Environmental Studies.

I have no job experience, no car, no license.

My gpa is only a 2.5. College is really hard. I had a 3.4 in high school. I was in a harder major before Fisheries and Wildlife. Didnt hold my interest like I thought it would. Got a 2.5 each semester. Then last semester I switched majors and pulled off a 3.3. Then this semester I am failing a hard class intro to gis. Didnt have to take the class but I did and now Im failing. It is just too hard! And takes up too much of my time. I have C's right now in all my other classes.

I really dont want a future no more. And now I failed a class. I feel like no one is going to hire me with no car or license, good grades or job experience. Ive had jobs before but none related to my major, no one wants me without a license.

I try really hard. I study and ask questions take really good notes. And still get shi* for grades. While my friends sleep in class and still get better grades. Im so tired of trying so hard and getting no where. Its so depressing. They dont even study. I study all the time. My teachers like me, they know I try.

My parents have nothing to do with me. Cant rely on them for anything, both are unemployed, divorced. I am all on my own and just failing. What do I do =(

1 Answer

  • 7 years ago

    Very serious matter, man!

    You should try to do your best. :) god will help you.

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