What is the swaying during meditation?

When I meditate i feel a swaying sensation. It feels as if the room is pushing and pulling me left and right. Its a powerful feeling that I just submit to and allow to take control of my body. It is very calming and peaceful but I was wondering what causes it. After meditating for a few minutes I feel like I gain control over it and my sways begin to push and pull the energy rather than it controlling me. What causes this?

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  • 6 years ago
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    There are various factors that can cause swaying sensation.When one makes progress in spiritual path, his awareness quality increases which makes him aware of his subtle body. That subtle body can arise the sensitivity towards electromagnetic field and motion of the earth. Facing north aligns the body with earth's magnetic field and facing east can align with the motion of earth. So it is recommended to check both direction for better comfort. Other factor can be the improper light in the room or discrete light reflecting into your face, such that your one eye is getting more amount of light than the other one. It would be better if light is very dim( i would prefer candle light) and your both eyes must be getting same amount of light. If you are just a beginner than a certain place(it can be either corner or the center of your room )and a certain time (it can be either during sunrise or during sunset or both)is necessary for building up the certain amount of energy so that you can meditate in any possible way you like. I would also prefer you some very light exercises as a warm up before meditating such as jumping few minutes or stretching legs and arms and swinging arms in left and right direction.

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    It could simply be that you are sensitive to the rhythms of your body--your breathing and pulse. It could also be a way for your body to release muscular tension. It could also be the movement of psychodynamic energy in your body which causes spontaneous movement in meditation and is otherwise only explored in advanced stages of meditation practice in some Eastern traditions. Know that nothing "bad" is happening.

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    Many things will start happening in meditation , later you may have visions , many people get frightened and give up.

    So be ready for anything that might happen , any visuals , flashes, visions , feelings , sounds etc. but face these , be brave , its only an adventure.

  • 4 years ago

    That happens upon entering a trancelike state. It's a little startling at first, but it's your body's reaction to such a state first occurring. Eventually, your body will remain still when this happens.

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    Source(s): Opening The Chakras http://enle.info/ChakraActivationSystem/?CsZx
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    Never thought too much about that

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