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I need ideas for a Sit Com title?

The sit-com is a class presentation. It is about a generation who is too involved in social networking and media that they really can't function. Actually here is a partial synopsis:

Next generation, but focus on the children and less on the adults. These children have adopted the same monikers that we have, however they were raised in it from the beginning so there is quite literally getting them off of their phones or other devices. Everything is yolo this and swag that. Even some names have been changed to match twitter’s “@” format. It is hard to find something written that is not hashtagged and the first dance learned by middle schoolers is the “twerk”. These are the next generation of children. These children make up, the social nation.

Do you think you could help me with titles for the show. Remember this is for school so keep it PG-13. Also if it will help the four characters are Megan Baker, Lizzie Glydewell, Kevin Baker, and Drew Bates.

I need help please.

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    All I can think of is 4 Ever social, because you have four members and social for social media, or 4 Talks. hope this helps ;)

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