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Is my toe infected after ingrown toenail?

I had an ingrown toenail and basically dug it out myself, then made sure to clean it all with alcohol etc...

I left it for about 2 weeks, and about 3 days ago my dog stood on my toe and it caused a sharp pain which made me look at my toe later on in the night. This is what my toe looks like :S

It has alot of white pus underneath it when I lever it up a bit :S What is that red lump thing? Its like squishy and sticky, it doesnt hurt much

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  • Seth
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    Your ingrown toenail is still there and infected that red lump is a condition called proud flesh you should probably see a Podiatrist to have your ingrown removed

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    Oh yes. That is infected. The fact that the wound is still open and pus is present is a definite indicator. You need to see a doctor and get some antibiotics pretty quick. Unfortunately, due to the shape of your toenails, you are going to have problems all through your life. The first thing you need to do is grow the nail out just past the end of your toe and then keep it squared off. The short length ensures the presence of ingrown nails no matter what you do.

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    it is very infected

    i recommend going to your doctors so they give you something to get rid of the infection tell them everything how you got rid of the ingrown toenail and how you kept it clean

    what has happened from where the toenail was the wound was still open your dog must of had a germ on its paw and its gone inside the open wound of where your ingrown toenail was it would cause a sharp pain due to the wound still being open

    the red lump is the infection and needs to be treated asap

    everything will be fine just definately go to the doctor it needs to be seen to

  • RNRN
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    It is infected. I did the same thing as you over and over and over. Finally i went to the doctor and it was infected and i had to have 3 of them cut out. I would highly recommend going to the doctor.

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