Credit Card: Signing up for sign-on bonus then never using again?

I was about to check out on Amazon, then at the top of the page, I saw an advertisement for signing up for their Visa and getting a $50 gift card automatically posted to your account. That would help out a ton with Christmas shopping. My husband and I are young, we have no debt, don't have a credit card, don't ever plan on using one.

Is there any penalty to signing up for this card for the $50 and never using it on a purchase? I would assume most people wouldn't know specifics about this certain card, but with credit cards in general, that's no problem, right?

here are the details if you'd like to look through them


But if we're not going to use the card on purchases it won't have any effect on us, right?

Update 2:

Bdancer: I read the everything on the two links I posted above and couldn't find anything stating a requirement to use it. Would you mind to look through them, or just the second link? If you will and will reply whether you noticed anything like that or not, I'll go ahead and choose you as best answer. Thanks!

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    Read the fine print. There may be some requirement to use the card.

    The gift card may be for Amazon. To set up an Amazon account, you need a credit card. Charges would go to the gift card first and only bill the credit card if all the gift card funds were used up.

    Applying for a credit card dings your score for a few points -- no big deal. If you do not already have a decent credit history, you may not qualify for this card. In any case, it is never good idea to just apply for a credit card you don't intend to actually use. Lots of potential problems with ID theft and fraud with unused credit card accounts.

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    if you are young and have no debt keep it that way and don't get a credit card

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