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How can the GOP win in 2016?

People have said me well they will win anyway. Why? People have told me that eventually people will grow tired of Democratic polices, that they will vote for GOP. Here's the problem: the demographics in this country are changing. AND I don't have a problem with Hispanics, but they overwhelmingly vote for the Democrats. Not as much as African Americans, but still by a majority. People have said that the GOP picks a moderate. But here's another problem; John McCain was a moderate and lost in 2008, and Mitt Romney is a moderate and lost in 2012. Now I am not saying to pick an extremist, because that's worse. But still how can the GOP win in 2016? Please don't give stupid answers

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    What makes the GOP now is not something they can run on and win in larger areas, so we might get some out of the smaller districts and some states, but not overall.

    Certainly the entire country when it votes for a president won't hear of any of the TP people, and in fact, when they debate they turn intelligent people off. And that means independents won't vote for them.

    The GOP would normally see the problem of having alienated every group, from women to all people of any color, and with Paul's desire to see an end to Medicare and Social Security even old people.

    They call union member thugs, so there go teachers and their families, very unused to being treated like that, and of course the minorities are all lumped together as leeches on welfare, which is humiliating for all those hard working minorities. Even gays are disregarded as sinful.

    How are you going to win with what's left that they haven't insulted or belittled? White men over forty and under sixty?

    Picking a moderate didn't work because McCain simply wasn't up to the job, the nomination was a thank you to him, he wasn't expected to win, and I think they didn't want him to, the country being in such a mess that they knew that if they won there wouldn't be any way out and they'd be taking their knocks.

    Romney was just another poor choice, someone who already had a ton of money and didn't reach out to the country and just reinforced that idea that the Republicans weren't interested in the common man.

    What can they do to win? Divest themselves publicly from the right wing tea party. Don't support them, and run as middle of the road. Then be middle of the road. But frankly they are too much the ideologues to do that.

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    Yeah the moderates McCain and Romney did lose, but would far-right candidates have fared any better? I doubt it. The Republican party and its base may have moved further to the right, but the rest of the country hasn't. They risk painting themselves into a corner.

    McCain brought in Palin as a VP candidate, so that may have ruined his chances to appeal to the middle. And it didn't help that the country was in economic free-fall at the tail end of the Bush years -- it was going to be a tough election for *any* Republican candidate. Romney made some bungles during the campaign, and he did get (unfairly) associated with the Tea Party crazies when they said things like "legitimate rape".

    If they want to win, they need to stop hammering on divisive social issues, and focus on pragmatic solutions to the many problems facing the country.

    Great answer from @justagrandma

    Another good answer from @George L. Yeah, the march to the right to bag the primary followed by the march back to the middle to win the general election is an awkward dance for any candidate. If they want to win, they may have to embrace the so-called RINOs.

    Source(s): Once registered as a Republican, but haven't voted for an R since 2003.
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    John McCain wasn't all that moderate when he ran in 2008 so he could get past the primaries. Romney had the same problem. to get past the primaries, he had to say lots of things that put him in bad shape for the national elections. The Republicans could win in 16, but only if they get out of the box they built for themselves with their base. Yesterday's election in Virginia should be giving lots of them food for thought. Yes, the Republican only lost by 3%, but the current Republican governor beat Democrats by 17% in the last election. that's a huge swing of votes by any standard. and you'd be hard pressed to find a purer conservative than Cuccinelli. He's no Rino, although his does seem a bit endangered .

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    By picking a moderate candidate like Chris Christie.

    Then again Mitt Romney was a moderate.

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    1. Pray a lot

    2. Appeal to female voters

    3. Apeal to miniority groups

    4. Become more moderate

    5. Raise lots of money

    6. Discuss issues during the debate like (Benghazi, Syria - Snowden), IRS, NSA, AP, Obamacare)

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    They need to have a moderate candidate with conservative values or a conservative candidate who will work as a moderate. Also a good VP choice, not a Sarah Palin.

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    have the midwest and south create there own nation so they actually have a majority of support

    or make voter block laws allowing only white male gun owners allowed to vote in CA, NY, OH, PA, FL, and MI


    healthcare approval: 43%

    Obama approval: 42%

    GOP congress approval 20%

    Source(s): the GOP is destroying itself
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    That's easy and the Republicans don't have to do a thing to win!

    Here are just a few reasons.

    BFD O'Bamacare!

    The millions who have gotten insurance cancellation letters and the millions more who are still to get their cancellation letter.

    The incompetence of the Democrats as displayed by the fiasco known as

    The high cost of health insurance.

    The lies that O'Bama and Democrats have told are finally coming home to roost!

    @M...Actually O'Bama's approval is at a new low at 39%

    60% of Americans are against BFD O'Bamacare. This number is probably up because of the cancellation notices.

    80% want BFD O'Bamacare either repealed or replaced! This number is probably up because of the cancellation notices.

    The Democrats have destroyed themselves with BFD O'Bamacare!

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    Chris appears to be the front runner now. GOP is good as doomed

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    If the establishment GOP would actually support a conservative candidate they would have all won now.

    They are all rinos and will let the dems stay in office unless we stop supporting them and support the candidate instead

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