What should I do ? (Backstabbed)?

Recently I liked a boy and my best friend new it but last week I found out that behind my back they were talking and now she is going out with him and comes in front of me hold hands with him and today she was hugging him right in front of me and look up with a bitchy look like ha I got him .. She just does that stuff all the time ... What do I do she Backstabbed me there's more to this story but I think she deserves something back ??

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  • 7 years ago
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    Apparently she isn't your best friend because with best friends like her who needs enemies. You should leave her alone and move on, especially if this is a common behavior of hers, because she is the type of female that can't be trusted and one you don't want to leave alone in a room with your boyfriend. Next time you have a thing for a male, don't share it with any female and definitely not her.

  • 7 years ago

    Put some dirt in her makeup. I saw it done on Bad Girls Club and the victim started breaking out and was completely bummed and didn't know why. If you cant get to her makeup try and hit on her father!

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