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How to keep tangles out of long/thick hair?

My hair is VERY thick and is down to just above my elbows.

I can leave it down for as little as 15 minutes and it'll tangle, I put it in pony tails- it tangles, I put it in a tight bun-it always falls out and tangles in the process, I tried a tight braid every night but I'd wake up and the top would be tangled because I move around so much.

What can I do?? I use conditioner in the shower, I use detangler when I brush it.

I've broken combs AND brushes trying to brush through it in the shower with conditioner in so that's a no.

I do not want to cut it as I always grow it out and donate it.

Any good products or hairstyles that will help keep the knots out?

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    If it gets knotty within an hour due to the length, there really isn't going to be some miracle product or brushing technique that will make it more tangle free - unfortunately it's just due to your hair type. I'd go ahead and get it cut and donate the 12 inches. Even with 12 inches cut off, your hair will still be very long! Not as long as you were used to, but still very long as compared to most people. If you've had your hair at this length for a long time, I know getting it cut can be scary, but by donating it Locks of Love you'll be doing a great thing, plus I really feel after a few days you'll be glad. You hair will be less heavy, easier to manage and style and look nice and fresh (you'll have no split ends!) You might also want to consider having long layers cut into your hair as well. The overall length will still be the same, but layers will give it a lot more body and fullnes and believe me it won't nearly tangle as much. Usually only people who have thin, baby fine hair have the type of hair that can be long and all one length and lay super smooth and straight w/o tangeling or constant brushing. I have very thick hair like you and my hair is easier to mantain and looks so much better with long layers - you need work the the style best for your hair TYPE. Take the plunge - get it cut - it'll still be long and you'll be glad you did and it'll look great!....

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    o.k. yes the Tresemme products are very good with this. but after you shampoo & condish your hair, blot it with a towel then yes I know it sounds wrong, but it works, put a small amount of condish in your hands warm it up a bit ( rub hands together) put it in your hair, not too close to the roots. air dry hair if possable and most important dont brush it tooo much, works wonders for me, hope that helps.

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    sounds like your hair is a little dry maybe? not super dry just a little. Try some smoothing shampoos and conditonars to help you it always helps me.

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    my hair is the same way. Tresemme products help my hair best. hope this helps(:

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