Michael Moore Biased?

How is Fahrenheit 9/11 by Michael Moore biased? And SICKO?

I want to see how other people find his documentaries biased.

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    7 years ago
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    Michael Moore is the biggest hypocrite in Hollywood... And that is saying A LOT...

    He invests in the same corporations he claims to despise...

    He does everything possible to avoid using union labor during his productions...

    He works just as hard to pay as little as possible as all the other rich people...

    Occupy Wall Street even boo'ed him and kicked him out of the movement.

    As for his FILMS... Not "Documentaries" but Fictional Films... "How would I Know" summed it up pretty well...

    His films are about as accurate as when a horror film starts with "Based on a true story".

    Sicko is as accurate as The Haunting in Connecticut.

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    ► USA Today's 'Sicko' Debate


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    They're not actually documentaries. They're somewhere between pure fiction and political propaganda. Fahrenheit 911 was notoriously filled with lies. And Sicko isn't actually much better.

    For instance in fehrenheit 911, Moore claimed that the Taliban met with Bush while he was governor of Texas. In reality, no such meeting actually took place.. but they did meet with representatives of the Clinton administration, which Mikey somehow forgot to mention.

    It's like that throughout the movie.

    In Sicko he shows this nice Cuban hospital and talks about how everybody gets great care there. In reality.. the hospital he showed is only available to high ranking communist party members and foreigners willing to pay large amounts of money for treatment.

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    They're not actually documentaries, trite and paranoid. Moore never lets real facts in the way of his biased fiction, it is so sad so many actually believe his dribble.

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    There are small amounts of bias in some Michael Moore films more through ideological naivety than anything else. His opponents however do nothing but issue forth ignorant prejudice and bile. I have a great deal of time for Michael Moore. He is one of the good guys

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    7 years ago

    They aren't documentaries, they're polemical works. He uses them to put forward a particular viewpoint so in that sense they are biased.

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    Michael Moore Bias

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    No I'm pretty sure he's straight.

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